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Nour provide trauma-informed, culturally competent services to adult survivors of abuse, including, but not limited to, survivors of domestic abuse, sexual violence and childhood abuse. We work with survivors from minoritised communities, particularly from the Muslim community, however, our services are open to any adult survivor of abuse. We provide free counselling, legal advice, emotional and practical support, financial assistance amongst other services, with the aim to enable survivors to heal from the trauma of abuse and lead more meaningful lives.  


Nour is a charity set up to provide support for those who have suffered or are suffering from abuse including domestic abuse, sexual violence and childhood abuse. We provide trauma-informed services and services that understand the cultural contexts of the survivors, and our approach is based on empathy, humility and non-judgement. We serve as a platform for education and raising awareness, with a focus on minoritised communities, in particular Muslim communities, however our services are open to any adult survivor of abuse. 

The most effective way to donate is to support us through a monthly donation, however big or small it may be, it all adds up quickly. 

Signs Of DV

* Constant fear of your partner
* The feeling of helplessness or emotionless
* Believing you deserve to be mistreated
* Your partner continuously humiliates/yells/criticises you
* Ill treatment which you’re embarrassed to disclose to your friends/family
* Your partner blames you for their own abusive behaviour
* Partner possessing an unpredictable temper
* Partner always tries to control you

Get Help Now

If you or somebody you know is suffering from or has suffered from abuse, then there is help available. At Nour, we are currently able to provide you with free access to Qualified counsellors who can provide counselling to help heal from the trauma of abuse, Qualified Legal Advisors to advise on any legal queries, Support workers who can provide emotional support and practical support to help access services, financial assistance through various hardship funds, including Nour’s Safe Haven Zakat Fund. We have qualified advisors who can help with any Islamic advice in relation to the abuse you have suffered, including spiritual abuse, rights in marriage, queries around divorce, etc. We recognise that often the misinformed ‘Islamic’ advice received by survivors can perpetuate the abuse and collude with abusers, and thus we provide a service where qualified advisors can refute such approaches and challenge the structures and narratives that condone abuse in our communities.   

Please use our Advisors Contact Form to contact any of our advisors. If you or someone you know is facing immediate danger, please call 999 and ask for the relevant emergency service.  

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