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Nour is a charity which aims to engage the public,
and especially the minority muslim communities,
to become aware and take action against this silent yet
prevalent social injustice – domestic violence.


Nour is a charity set up to act as a voice for those who are unable to stand up against domestic violence. We aim to serve as a platform for the victims of such violence through education and raising awareness, with a particular focus on the usage of Islamic literature to condemn such acts.

The most effective way to donate is to support us through a monthly donation, however big or small it may be, it all adds up quickly.

Signs Of DV

* Constant fear of your partner
* The feeling of helplessness or emotionless
* Believing you deserve to be mistreated
* Your partner continuously humiliates/yells/criticises you
* Ill treatment which you’re embarrassed to disclose to your friends/family
* Your partner blames you for their own abusive behaviour
* Partner possessing an unpredictable temper
* Partner always tries to control you

Get Help Now

If you or somebody you know is suffering from domestic violence then there is help available. At Nour, we are currently able to provide you with access to Islamic Advisors, Legal Advisors and also have a team of Professional Advisors who can offer health related advice including counselling and psychological support.

Please use our Advisors Contact Form to contact any of our advisors. If you are currently in danger then this is a case of emergency and you should call 999 for ambulance, police or both.

Please donate to make a difference, to change lives