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Well Woman Yoga

Well Woman Yoga

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Join us for Well Woman Yoga this New Year to deepen and strengthen your yoga practice from the root: the pelvis and spine.

Develop your pelvic floor, pelvic and core strength. Improve fluid mobility in the spine and strengthen the joints with this gentle yet powerful yoga practice, as we move into the colder seasons with confidence.

Teens and beginners of all backgrounds welcome to our small and friendly class.

Our instructor is dedicated to teaching yoga to explore intuitive and creative movement, breathwork and relaxation for self-care and wellbeing. She is a Yoga Alliance 200 hour qualified yoga teacher with 15 years of personal practice and 7 years of teaching groups, workshops and 1-2-1 classes, particulalry to learners from BAME backgrounds who are more at risk from health inequalities, ill health and structural discrimination.

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