We often talk about the bittersweet struggle and the torturous paths that leads to a divorce and the hope of the resolution and peace it may bring after. But the in-between limbo land during and sometimes even after a divorce is never addressed enough. Sometimes it is during these times that we can become lost and if only there was someone to just listen to us without judging us, it could mean the difference between breathing normally to fight through the next day.

Through Replenish, we want to provide just that, a safe haven and community of friends to just listen and share and support. You can come along to relax and recharge or even to find resolutions to be that stronger and better person. And in time we hope this will empower and strengthen you.


We will provide a holistic approach to equip you with tools and techniques to achieve your goals both in the short and long term. And our safe haven is safe because there is no judgement or ridicule so that you may feel open to discuss your problem/s within a trusted circle. Keep posted for our first Replenish meeting.