Our Core Values

At Nour, our mission is deeply rooted in values that uplift and honour the voices of survivors. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of compassion, healing, and growth.

1. Committed to Social Justice

We tirelessly advocate for the rights of those impacted by domestic abuse, sexual violence and all forms of child abuse. Challenging systems of inequality and oppression, and promoting equity and justice for all.

2. Grounded in Anti-Oppressive Principles

We critically examine the intersections of oppression affecting survivors, including gender, class, faith and race, to deepen our understanding of how policies, narratives and processes affect survivors of abuse. We use this understanding to shape our policies and internal practices, to ensure we serve with integrity and inclusivity.

3. Trauma-Informed Perspective and Practice

Recognising the profound impact of trauma, we deliver services with empathy and care, supporting holistic healing and avoiding re-traumatisation. We tailor our support to each individual’s unique lived experience.

4. Culturally Attuned

We honour and respect the unique lived experiences of our clients, ensuring our services provide safety for everyone to engage meaningfully. We encourage discourse on cultural and social contexts, and the nuanced and diverse ways individuals experience these, particularly in our work with minoritised communities.

5. Always Compassionate

Empathy is at the heart of our services. We provide a sanctuary where survivors feel seen, heard, and valued, nurturing their journey towards recovery, upholding compassion at every turn.

6. Working Collaboratively

We are acutely aware of the impacts of power imbalances on survivors of abuse. We partner with survivors, grassroots organisations, and other stakeholders, creating a network that supports holistic, wrap-around care and advocates for systemic change.

7. Deeply Relational

We acknowledge, cultivate, and harness the healing power of relationships founded on genuine, compassionate, empathic, and non-judgmental connections.

These values guide our everyday work, propelling us towards a world where every survivor of abuse can find peace, healing, and hope.

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