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Weekend Arts and Culture Show (Inspire FM)

Nour gets its first live broadcast show on the ‘Weekend arts and culture show’ presented by Shemiza Rashid on Inspire fm 105.1 Luton. Nour’s Liasion officer introduced the gruelling occurrences of domestic violence that captivated the initiatives of a few men and women to start a Muslim domestic violence organisation, ‘Nour’, to understand the sensitivity of one’s Islamic faith which has so far been a hindrance to many seeking help from other charities. The work Nour endorses is much like other domestic violence charities who offer amazing support, refuge and child services. However, what is different about Nour is that we attempt to epitomise all that is offered so well but adding the Islamic element to it for many reasons, not just to be understanding and sensitive to ones faith, but to also actively engage in communities who unfortunately have hijacked Islam to perpetuate their own selfish propagandas including keeping women as submissive figures, which ironically is one of the main issues Islam was so revered for in its fight to explicitly stop.

Our work is new and innovative and poses many challenges in trying to engage with the community and ending the silence that hides the violence. We also feature works of creative arts and articles to encourage those who are fortunate not to have suffered or experienced domestic violence to gain an insight into those who do, to empathise and educate ourselves about it so we are equipped to be a shoulder for someone to lean on, to support charities working in this field and to open our eyes to this injustice in our communities.

“Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Please listen to the full interview to hear more about what Nour is, our Islamic ethos and platform from which we aim to highlight the plight of domestic violence sufferers.

On a final note, domestic violence does not discriminate against any race, gender or religion, Muslim or non-Muslim. Though Nour understands the sensitivities surrounding the Islamic faith, we work towards ending violence against all women and men. Everyone has the right to live in a world devoid of violence, especially violence in their homes.

If you would like to join our expanding team of Islamic advisors, counsellors or legal advisors then please get in touch. All we require from you is the capacity to be sensitive and be aware of the Islamic faith in addition to holding the relevant certificates in your field of work.

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