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The winter blues and all its hues

Feeling blue…not the same as wearing blue but feeling alone, empty and numb. At times you feel very blue and at times it is just the smallest tint of blue, but you are not alone so despair not. Winter approaches us, and along comes the cycle of seasons, and the beautiful canvas of snow and the sparkling lights adorning the streets in time for the Christmas season. Life is not perfect, but this season reveals much beauty, you just need to look closer. Fire logs burn in homes and children sit curled up at the feet of their grandparents and the scent of incense and musk dance swirls as clouds of heavy candyfloss skate across the silver grey skies. Happiness and that feeling of warmth skipping beats in your heart is not just a far away dream or that once told illusion, it does exist and can exist.

I remember being inspired by Allah by reflecting on nature and the beautiful images outside my window, watching the morning birds tweet merrily their songs, the branches elegantly waving and swaying almost in rhythm, and above an aeroplane escaping into the meringue clouds as I wonder just what exotic location it must be flying to. And again into the twilight hours, watching as the moon suspends into the night sky surrounded by delicately placed diamonds as they sparkle in turn, feeling selfish that whilst everyone sleeps, I am lucky to see all of this. And every time I feel blue, I know the moon will find me and I will find my smile and lose that blue hue.

The works of the philosopher Richard Swinburne and others alike have been greatly inspiring in helping me to find Allah from the beauty He created. Allah is as close to you as your jugular, and yet I also feel He is all around us each time I adore His beauty canvassing me and I breathe and recite SubhanAllah (Glory be to Allah). Aristotle was not wrong when he said “beauty is the gift from God” and surely what a great gift from Allah to us.

The trials and tribulations that you find yourself are not easy, and no one will tell you they are, but take time to reflect and meditate, and help your spiritual heart thrive, so that that is one tool you have prepared when the real struggles in life begin, to see you through.

I leave you to reflect with this;

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.
J. Keats

Love and peace

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