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The Muslim Directory – An essential guide to services and businesses for the whole community

…but let there be amongst you traffic and trade by mutual goodwill…(Al-Quran 4:29)

Serving the Muslim Community since 1996, the Muslim Directory has become a household name and has blossomed into one of the UK’s best known and most carefully researched Muslim publications.

The aim of the Muslim Directory is and has always been to unite the community in the UK and to help them to network and work together and use the resources at hand to improve their social, political and economic situation in the UK.

Several commentators within the community have mentioned that the directory has already served in establishing greater community
relations and commerce and has subsequently emerged as one of the first ‘British Muslim Institutions.’

Even in times of economic hardship, Muslims continue to be a vibrant community and play an active part in British society with their own morals, ethics, ideals, cultures and principles which are part and parcel of today’s Britain.

The Muslim community has a very important role to play and a lot to offer the whole of society and with your support the Muslim Directory will play its part in ensuring that the community has the opportunity to do just that.

Brother Hassan commented by saying “We get hundreds of calls of support and encouragement throughout the year and it always humbles us to find out that the directory is being utillised and that even some organisations include it within there dawah packs to new Muslims and to non-muslims. We ask Allah to keep us sincere.”

The 2012/13 Edition is out now and will be available from your local masjid or bookshop.

For further details you can call the Muslim Directory on 020 8799 4455 or visit www.muslimdirectory.co.uk

You can now find Nour in the Muslim Directory!

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