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The Month Of Mercy

The Month of Mercy

As Ramadhan has approached us, a month of Mercy, a month of giving, compassion, togetherness, family. Unfortunately for some, dare we say many – the situation is not of serenity. There are many who suffer in silence and each year there has been a pattern where we have an influx of clients in Ramadhan reaching out for help.

We pray that Allah grants them peace, may He instill Barakah in their lives and embrace them in His infinite mercy. May He recitfy their affairs and grant them goodness and happiness in this world and the next. May He hear their cries when they feel alone, may He give them courage and strength to speak out and reach out for help and may He eliminate oppression.

With much excitement and positivity for Nour we welcome our new ambassador, Nadia Ali. Presenter for the BBC, a qualified barrister and a much loved and familiar face in the bengali community. With Nadia’s enthusiasm and passion for the work we do we have faith that together we can reach out to more people! We thank Nadia for her kindness and generosity.

Nadia gave a message to all our supporters “Ramadan for me is a time when I spiritually re-charge myself. It’s a great time for us to reflect on things and just take a break from all the hustle and bustle in life! Everything just seems so peaceful – its honestly such a magical time! I pray that all those who fast during this month will be richly rewarded by Allah for their efforts. I hope this Ramadan brings everyone lots of love, peace and happiness. Please keep me and my family in yuor du’aas. #SpiritualRecharge”

We want to help every single person who reaches out to us, however we are in need of your help. Please donate whatever you can towards this cause and help us to help them. Zakat accepted, please do specify. Please donate generously here

We thank you for your support and request you keep Nour, our team and especially those whom we work with in your humble prayers.

May peace be upon you

Nour Team

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