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The Love and Respect of the Wives of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for Their Husband

The wives of the prophet (peace be upon him) are great role models for every wife. Their piety, honesty, chastity, generosity, and forbearance made them the coolness of the Prophet (peace be upon him) eyes. Their sole objective was to please Allah and his messenger (peace be upon him) in every step of their life. They could not live, let alone envisage life without him and could not live away from him.

He married Sawda, his second wife, while in Makah. However, after a while, he wanted to divorce her for certain reasons. When she heard this, she was extremely upset. She ran to him and begged, ‘O Messenger of God, I wish no worldly thing of you. But, please, do not deprive me of being your wife. I wish to go to the Hereafter as your wife. I care for nothing else. Her plea was accepted by the Messenger, and Sawda remained one of the pure wives. (Muslim, Rada, 47). This was the high and loving position they gave to the Prophet, (peace be upon him) in their hearts.

These are the words uttered by the Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding his beloved wife Hazrat Khadijah R.A. “She declared her belief in me at a time when people were against me, she certified Prophet hood at a time when people were not accepting it, and provided me monetary help when all others deprived me from it.”

KhadijaH R.A. was Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) first wife and they shared exemplary love, unity, mutual understanding and coherent views. He did not marry further in the presence of Khadijah R.A. Her Purification and piousness have been termed the basis of the religion and Khadijah R.A. has given new heights to purification and piousness as a result of which she was awarded with the title of ‘Tahira’ even before the Prophethood declaration.

When the Prophet (peace be upon him) experienced the first revelation he ran home in shock and confusion as to what he witnessed. He told his trusted wife Khadijah R.A. “cover me! Cover me!”. She covered him in a blanket and asked him what was wrong. After hearing the incident she consoled him, reassured him that he was going to become someone great due to his outstanding character.

Khadijah R.A. was his source of encouragement and comfort. She stood by the Prophet (peace be upon him) all the time. In moments of trial and difficulty the Prophet (peace be upon him) used to come to her and she consoled and comforted her husband and encouraged him. Even if by chance the Prophet (peace be upon him) entered the home without a smile she would become distressed and ask what was wrong but the Prophet (peace be upon him) would leave the home re enter with a smile just for her. Khadijah’s R.A. financial support had a great role in strengthening Islam. She was the ideal woman, the ideal wife for prophet (peace be upon him), and the ideal mother for her children.

Hazrat Safiya R.A. also loved her husband, the Prophet, very deeply. When he fell ill she said, “I pray that your affliction should befall me.”Other wives started looking at her. But the Prophet (peace be upon him) said,”She is only saying the truth.”(zurqani V-3 P-216). The wives could not bear to see the Prophet (peace be upon him) in any difficulty due to their intense love for their husband.

Once the Prophet (peace be upon him) wrapped a shawl around him and entered the masjid. A companion said to him, “Oh Prophet, I notice a dirty spot on it.” The Prophet (peace be upon him) gave it to one of the slaves and sent it to Aisha R.A. She ordered for a container of water and washed it with her own hands. She dried it and sent it to the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Aisha R.A. had such ardent love for her husband that she used to become sad if anyone else claimed the same degree of affection. She woke one night and not finding her husband in bed, unaided by any light, she started searching for him in the darkness and found him in prostration before the almighty.

Though there was a maidservant, Aisha used to do most of the household work herself. She would grind the grain, cook the food, she would make the bed and store water for abolution, wash the clothes and the toothstick, comb the hair of the Prophet and rub scent on his clothes. She would also entertain guests, but one of the greatest qualities within her was her obedience for her husband. During the nine years of her married life, she never disobeyed her husband.

The wives of the Prophet (peace be upon him) not only had great respect for him due to his lofty status as a Prophet but respected him tremendously due to their roles as his wives. When one analyses the lives of the female companion’s one can acknowledge how they had great concern to fulfil their husband’s rights. Their chores were far greater than ours, they had to walk for a distance to go and fetch water. They would grind the flour with their own bare hands, wash clothes by their own hands. Their homes consisted with the minimal necessities that they could live off, but they were still content with the little they had and never complained. There nights were spent in standing in worship before their creator and the days spent in carrying out the chores and raising their children. My sisters, the key factor is to always look at those who are less fortunate, then you will be in a state of gratitude but the more you look at those who are in a better off state you will never appreciate what you have.

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