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The Golden Runway (Review)

‘The Golden Runway,’ with no pun intended, was literally golden!

Nour held a fundraising event on Sunday the 23rd October 2011 at Tarling Community Centre; the golden fashion show was packed and truly golden. From stunning mocktails, chocolate fountains and milkshakes, to hijabs, jewellery, and makeup! We managed to glam up the whole environment treating our guests like VIP!

There was also a kid’s corner with an endless supply of activities, thus whilst amusing the children in a safe environment, our beautiful sisters were able to fully enjoy themselves.

The day commenced with stalls full of joyous goodies to a show started with a Qur’an recitation of Surah Inshirah. A speech was given to describe the work of Nour and show gratitude to our constant supporters and the new faces that joined us! Alhamdulillah! Through the generosity of ‘Shukr Clothing,’ ‘Afa Bee,’ ‘Piara Libaas,’ ‘Silk Route Clothing,’ ‘Inaya’ and ‘Islamic Design House’ we were able to display on the catwalk a range of elegant and attractive abayas, which conveyed nothing but beauty and talent, Masha’Allah! We were blessed to be joined by the beautiful hearted Dania Omar on the catwalk, also known as Miss Middle East 2010-2011, and a strong supporter of Nour.

Following the Fashion Show there was a live auction of the clothing and artwork displayed, with the surrounding of stage turning into a battlefield full of well composed fighters (alhamdulillah the hijab pins were still intact) we managed to raise a significant amount, allowing sisters to walk away with a beautiful abaya and rewards for this duniya and akhirah, insha’Allah.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our amazing attendees, the beautiful models, the loyal Nour team and the lovely guest of honour Dania Omar for joining and supporting Nour. We’re forever grateful and pray your efforts and donations are blessed in abundance by Allah. It was a truly blessed day with Allah’s barakah spilling out and making it a complete success! Even the sun decided to join us! Alhamdulillah! 🙂 Also a special thank you to The Paper Cup Company.

We hope to keep having this solid support behind us in the future God willing!

Table of Knowledge

Captivating Art Masha’Allah

Beautiful Henna

Spoilt for Choice! Yum Yum!

Gorgeous Mocktails!

A Tiny Part Of Our Joyous Kid’s Corner

The Reason And Way Of Supporting

Nom Nom Nom! Alhamdulillah!

Ooooh, Shiny!

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