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The Blank Slate (Review)

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Our charity is not black and white, its full of colours and to make the world a better place by doing the little that we do, we wanted a fun way of getting people involved especially artistic talents.
Alhamdulillah on Sunday 18th of March we were able to deliver an exhibition for all those who were involved in the competition. The exhibition was up for 2 weeks at the Departure Centre.

From an artistic competition to an exhibition which culminated in an auction; It’s been a long a magical journey which started last summer. The Blank Slate has officially come to an end! It was a brilliant intimate affair with passionate speeches, emphatic poetry and of course beautiful art; surrounded by beautiful people from all walks of life sharing the beauty of creativity under one roof!!

Our final winners were:  Sa’adiah Khan with Mohamed Ahmed Jazmin Begum Kennedy as runners up.

They will be interviewed by Shemiza Rashid from The Creative Muslim Network on Inspire FM, and will be gifted with art goodies

You can have a look at the winning art here and along with all the other fantastic entries.

The judging process was down to the creative team in Nour and the 3 guest judges being; Shemiza Rashid (The Creative Muslim Network), Artist Samir MalikIslamic Design House.

The team at Nour had to whittle it down to 30 then it was handed down to the actual
main guest judges to get to the final 15 shortlisted finalists. The 3 finalists were announced on the night of the event.

Not forgetting our purpose for The Blank Slate, STRENGTH, SUPPORT & SOLACE. These 3 words came to life at the exhibition; tears were shed from the stories told through poetry on tyranny and fear. However when we came together fund raising it was evident there was STRENGTH, SUPPORT & SOLACE

Nour would like to thank each and every contributor who participated, supported and brought forth a creative movement in the name of raising awareness of Domestic Violence through the medium of art InshaAllah we will keep them in our du’as.

Guest Motivational poets/Speakers:

Ajmal MasroorDa Poet and last but not least Margaret Aberdeen

MashaAllah, Our supporters & sponsorship’s:

Modesty me
Labbaik Arts
Al Jumuah Magazine
Our CupcakeCompany
Barefoot Institute
Kat Barcenilla
National Zakat Fund

‘i try to keep away from the sweet stuff due to my inner conditions if you know what i mean, but if i could die from one last bite it would most definitely be from those moist-textured cupcakes and the art work were really nice’ – Guest

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