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The Bent Rib

Nour – Domestic Violence presents ‘The Bent Rib,’ an event discussing the topic; with Fatima Barkatullah, “Struggles of 21st Century Woman” with an Islamic perspective on the rights of woman, historical achievements of key examples and relaying general struggles of a 21st century woman also how one may overcome such issues. Alongside a seminar examining whether “Domestic Violence is silenced by society?” with the counsellor of Nour, Khalida Haque.

A society that controversially described to be terms ranging from materialistic to misogynistic; what is it like to be a woman within such socially constructed dimensions? Endless discussions may arise as to why women are so important; periodically women are best described as the pillars of our society, it is from them that our generation is built and nurtured. Nonetheless, are the difficulties and how to overcome such occurrences really and truly understood? It is imperative a woman understands her rights, and the ways to work around struggles that may occur within a society that may deter such acquisitions. So please come and join Nour (Domestic Violence) on this day!

With interesting discussions, free food and lovely stalls, come join Nour at the upcoming event, “The Bent Rib!”

Tickets £5

For more information please contact: info@nour-dv.org.uk or call 07984819377

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