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Tag Archives : feet in the clouds

Dear Relative

Dear relative, I regret to tell you that it is just too late. The emptiness you created with your absence in my past, cannot be coloured in with what you call 'love' now. Your hands, when they touch my skin, is like a thorn scratching itself into me
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Sometimes my mind wonders

Sometimes I think how different life would be if my father wasn’t a stranger in our own home; If only he worked to build our relationship; If only I could be in awe of him the way many are in awe of their fathers; If I could talk to him; hug him; h
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The winter blues and all its hues

Feeling blue...not the same as wearing blue but feeling alone, empty and numb. At times you feel very blue and at times it is just the smallest tint of blue, but you are not alone so despair not. Winter approaches us, and along comes the cycle of sea
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