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Sometimes my mind wonders

Sometimes I think how different life would be if my father wasn’t a stranger in our own home; If only he worked to build our relationship; If only I could be in awe of him the way many are in awe of their fathers; If I could talk to him; hug him; have a normal father-child relationship with him; Instead I grew up in a broken home, though he was present, he was never really present; though I call him dad, he never really fulfilled his duties, though I share the same blood, we never really had a connection. Sometimes my mind wonders.

But then I snap back into reality; I remember the many bounties I do have, the many things I have which others are not so privileged to have. The many Blessings which I should be thankful for – the beautiful bond I share with the rest of my family.

The strength that my mother carries is contagious, and spreads amongst all of us, growing up watching her fulfil her duties as a mother, as a wife so perfectly without an ounce of regret, gives me the belief that faith renews your strength.. The faith that my mother has in Allah, the All-Merciful is so very positively instilled within us. She reminds us that Allah does not burden his slaves with more than they can bear and with hardship there is ease, so long as we call upon Him, He will surely respond, if not in this world then certainly in the hereafter.

After all the hereafter is the purpose of our living in this world, so we can utilise this world to work towards and attain the Mercy of The Lord and be admitted into Paradise; where we will have no regrets, where we will have no pain, where we will have no “if only” – everything will be perfect; everything will be ideal and we will all be content. It is these reminders which allow me to keep going; to keep striving; to keep making du’aa. I ask you to keep myself and my family in your prayers, and everyone else in similar situations, and you all are in mine.

I leave you to reflect with this;

“Allah does not obligate anyone beyond his capacity. For him is what he has earned, and on him what he has incurred. ‘Our Lord, do not hold us accountable, if we forget or make a mistake, and, Our Lord, do not place on us such a burden as You have placed on those before us, and, Our Lord, do not make us bear a burden for which we have no strength. And pardon us, and grant us forgiveness, and have mercy on us. You are our Lord.”
[Qur’an; 2:286]

Love and peace

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  • Sawsan07

    Subhanallah, you have managed so delicately put into words what i have felt for so long Mansha Allah. My mother’s strength is boundless, and the Mercy of Allah is effortlessly filled with bounty! Wa Allahu Akbar. My aunt once said that if it hadn’t been for my faith, such former thoughts as you have spoken would have overtaken me. But Alhamdulillah, with the awakening of my renowned faith, i managed to snap right back into reality and delve right into your euphoric latter phrases. Alhamdulillah and Jazakullahu Kair! 

    December 7, 2011 - at 5:34 am
  • Heathersilvers

    sobhanaAllah,mashaAllah,Allah is the greatest,He is the most merciful. I do not have a mother like this or a family like this,all my life I have wishesd to have one like this,but sobhanaAllah,Allah is great,He is the all seeing and all knowing,and will reward me in this world or in the hereafter for all of my burdens for He is the all merciful!!! Allah akubar!!!

    March 20, 2012 - at 11:43 pm
  • Guest

    The role of the father really needs some thought – rather than blindly accepting the illusory romanticised notions presented to us in western propaganda…

    August 6, 2012 - at 1:46 am

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