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Solace in Your Spouse

Nour will be hosting an event which will focus on the following topics:

  • Pure women for pure men: Rights of spouse (Sheikh Suliman Gani)
  • Pearls of Parents: Rights of children (Sheikh Abdullah Hasan)
  • Sacred Union: A Guide to Islamic intimacy (Sheikh Hasan Ali)

This event will insha’Allah educate many brothers and sisters – young and old, married and single – on the perfect marriage life. It will highlight issues which occur in marriage and inshaAllaah ways on solving them, using the prophet SalAllaahu ‘alaihi wa salaam’s life as our guide of perfection.


Brady Arts Centre,
192-196 Hanbury Street,
London, E1 5HU


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We would like to thank our sponsors who have supported and assisted in facilitating domestic violence awareness week.

Muslim Hands dawahproject
Simply Sharia

i1Legacy Pisang
Aleaf Windows



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