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Silence Hides Violence (Creativity Competition)

Competition Details

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 16.

We are looking for entries of: poems, short stories [max 500 words], video clips [max 3mins] or pictures and paintings. [Please adhere strictly to these word/time limits and make sure your submissions are not too explicit.]

The deadline for all entries is midnight on Monday 28th February 2011.

All entries must be sent to competition@nour-dv.org.uk with your name, age and contact details.

The best 5 entries will be shortlisted and uploaded onto the Nour website on Tuesday 1st of March. All readers will then have 2 weeks thereafter [up until Sunday 13th march] to comment, share, like or tweet on the respective entries shortlisted. The number of comments, likes or tweets each shortlisted recipient receives will influence the winning entry pieces.

Feel free to contact at us at competition@nour-dv.org.uk if you have any questions.

The 3 winners and the prizes will be announced on Monday 14th March 2011.

Wishing you all the best!

Well Woman Yoga

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