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Silence Hides Violence (Creativity Competition Top 5) | The Cage of Lifes Paradise

The Cage of Life’s Paradise

Our lives now harp the songs of lamentations
from deep within our slumbering souls which are walled up,
But once there was a time,
Yes, there was an Age of carefree wonder and rhyme.

Oh, how we sped across life’s miles,
Alas, too soon we band of sisters became caged and beguiled,
The waves of wind no longer ripples or sings through our hair,
We were bartered, wedded and quickly ensnared.

The morning sun no more drips nectar or honeydew,
Our music once soared with the dawn chorus and to a crescendo grew,
We were the ships of paradise floating upon the golden light,
We sailed through the oceans of the deep blue skylight,

Yet here we are now…

We birds of paradise confined to these narrow dreadful hell’s cells,
O, you brothers, you who watch and stare and yell,
Your kind dared to ensnare us and everyday in pain we play,
Our glorious pride and colourful lustre plucked away,

Where once we flew freely with our brightly shining feathers
Now we hobble upon the grimy ground like tattered orphaned beggars.
Red, green, white and blue, these are the colours that so impress you,
Our rich and radiant plumage now rusts, please help us with your love and trust!

You stand and mimic and mock,
some of you search for stones and rocks,
Outside these bars of our homes you prance and poke,
What would it feel for you to bear this prison’s infernal yoke?

Outside our weeping cage,
There in God’s pure palace, written on freedom’s page,
We can see a beautiful house upon Paradise’s hilly slope,
How it glows, this home, this bright beacon of hope!
The windows are without bars or glass panes,
In that lovely house slavery is a shame,
The doorway has no lock nor door,
it is a home open to both rich and poor,
Souls breeze in and souls breeze out and move freely about,
They flutter in and flutter out,
They sing here, they sing there, they sing everywhere,
They have the freedom of life in the very air.

Is it true? Was it you? Did you do this in rage?
How could you build our cage?
Look to me and tell me true,
Hey you! Yes, you who kicks and makes us black and blue,
Please look here and not at yonder death’s crow,
Can you for real cage our life’s rainbow?

The public opinion and reaction to all 5 entries will heavily influence the winning creative piece and the two runner ups which will all be announced on Monday 14th of March 2011 during Nour Domestic Violence Week, so be sure to get your comments, likes and tweets in before then.

One Comment

  • Na'ima B. Robert

    This is so raw and painful… subhanAllah.

    March 12, 2011 - at 7:03 pm

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