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Nigella Reports Husband

Sunday evening, Nigella Lawson was seen spending time with her 70-year-old husband, Charles Saatchi, having a perfectly normal meal when he unexpectedly gripped her neck to choke her four times, firstly with his left hand then with both hands.

The photos the paparazzi published, have managed to show how terrified she was, however Charles declared it was a general misunderstanding; he just wanted to emphasise his point whilst discussing their children. Nigella’s spokesperson has confirmed she has left her family home after the assault, with her children.

In a previous interview (2007), Nigella has revealed how Saatchi is an ‘exploder’ and she herself will ‘go quiet when he explodes’. Clearly, her husband has been having explosions and displaying abrupt behaviour such as the assault we have seen 7 years ago, but this could be a longer period than that of 2007 to the present day. New Scotland Yard police have opened an investigation today into Nigella’s home life, which we are unaware of.

The unfolding of the investigation will only reveal perhaps how Nigella suffers at the hands of Saatchi. If he is so confident in becoming dominant and aggressive in public, it only raises concerns of what happens behind closed doors.

Many fans are tweeting how people around should have taken action whilst this was happening. Our very own Nour’s patron, Yvonne Ridley, tweeted a tribute to Nigella,”I could not have looked the other way while Nigella Lawson appeared to have been throttled by her husband. I would’ve intervened,”

Eye witness account continues to reveal how she was intensively listening to Saatchi and nodded intently, while the discussion was building up to an eruption.

By the completion of the meal, she was in tears and distressed. Nigella was being patronised in public and has made a stand; she has finally got the police involved and hopefully, for her and her children’s sake, she is out of harm’s way.

Society defiantly is going backwards; it’s regressive with the whole masculine charade, giving birth to the idea of dominance, bullying and cowardice. Nigella has made a stand and this would be a good opportunity for women out there going through domestic violence – who can also find their feet.

Nigella Lawson has been a successful UK chef with high ratings, a woman like her can without a doubt make a stand and also represent hundreds, thousands or a million DV sufferers. Our thoughts are with her and she is far more worthy than being a punchbag of a male who is not able to control his temper, reflecting clear inhumane and animalistic tendencies.


  • Rose

    Nigella Lawson! Not in a hundred yrs i wud hv thought she is going thru that too! My prayers are w her & fellow women going thru the same in silence, protecting husb’s public credibility..

    June 19, 2013 - at 12:01 am
  • Sabrina

    My husband did exactly the same thing when i was 7 weeks pregnant with our first and only child. I left him that day and NEVER went back! As a lady and a mother my first duty was to protect my child….it’s not easy but sometimes you have no choice other than to walk away!

    June 19, 2013 - at 10:15 am
  • Maysaa

    I think every woman has a different threshold, there is only so much she can take before leaving. I know women who put up with domestic abuse for 10-15 years and could tolerate it for the sake of their kids, and I know some who leave only after one episode of abuse. Either way we should not feel guilty about staying or leaving. I was made to feel guilty about leaving my husband after only 1.5 years of marriage, I put up with abuse for that long but could not tolerate it anymore. People just don’t understand and will try put words in your mouth. Only a woman of domestic violence would understand our situations.

    August 25, 2013 - at 5:21 pm

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