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Pieces – #Support Yemen Campaign

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I sit face down head on my arms
A pool of tears flowing in my palms
I’m listening to cries being thrown around
The walls around me are echoing the sound
Making it twice as loud and twice as frightening
Conflict is building up like thunder and lightening
I’m only 7 years old and I hear her cries
I see her tears in the darkest of nights
And every time his voice is raised
I want to punch his face
I want to hold her close
And leave this place
And my heart breaks
Anytime I see her face
In my mind
I’ve killed him a thousand times
I’ve injected him with pain that I see in her eyes
How could an angel so pure
Become a victim of the devil
I’m frozen in time but my mind never settles
They tell me my mother
Was a victim of love
And she fell for a man
She knew nothing of
She was blinded by the man
Who awoken her heart
And left her family
For the man who would tear them apart
Grandma told her baby don’t go
Please just stay
She said mama please leave me
I don’t feel no pain
I’m in love with his man
He’s no stranger to me
And without her parents blessing
He got down on one knee
She accepted without consent
And with him she ran
With a killer I later found myself
Calling dad
I don’t know how he managed
But he brainwashed an angel
And with the goodness of her heart
The devil was able
To control her emotions
And confuse her head
What she thought was love
Left her scarred and dead
Emotionally first, he
Suppressed and degraded her
And she never fought back
Cos that’s not the way grandma raised her
I can’t help but think patience
Killed my mother
And now I’m impatient
To kill my mothers lover
I’m calling out to you
But the scream never reaches
Mother, may your soul rest in peace
As my heart lives in pieces

This is part of #SupportYemen’s online “Break The Silence” campaign. For more details visit http://www.supportyemen.org
Via: Sanasino Blog

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