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Nour on Your Streets (Review)

Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatoLlahi wa barakatuhu dearest readers.

MashaAllah, from the 21st-22nd of October 2012, Nour domestic violence launched their very first outreach campaign—entitled Nour on Your Street—a programme designed to engage with the public, in order to re-awaken the issue that’s been buried under the carpet for far too long – domestic violence, and, to let them know exactly why their contribution is important!

We sent out our team onto the streets of Whitechapel to speak to the people around the area, not tell them that domestic abuse is a problem in our community—the majority are already aware of this as Tower Hamlets is very well known for it, the question is then, why is no one speaking about it, why is it that only the minority are working towards change?

We thus sent out our team onto the streets to illustrate the severity of domestic violence, avoiding to portray it as a mere issue, because although our communities may already know this, they don’t actually know how serious, dangerous, terrible it is until it’s said to them. They are not aware of how damaging it’s effects are to the people at home and even the community! Even a few who are undergoing it may be ignorant to this. Sadly, some victims do not even know they are experiencing domestic violence until it is defined to them! And it is only until the severity of this disease is portrayed to the public, that they are more likely, and willing, to get involved. To want change.

So what were the outcomes? AlhamdoLillah! Positive. Although there were the one or two that did not take the matter seriously, which in actuality may not be their fault due to society’s lack of attention as this problem – the majority of brothers and sisters we had spoken to seemed to have shown genuine interest. Misconceptions were eliminated, the issue was underlined, the problem hit home and a few said they’d want to be involved, ending our day with around 90 new members of the public joined onto our mailing list. A success, AlhamdoLillah.

The next Nour on Your Street campaign will be in March, where we aim to be bigger and better inshaAllah, so do keep your eyes looking out for us, for it may just be in your street we are at! Many thanks to all those who volunteered and many thanks to those who took their time out to speak to us and educate themselves, may Allah reward you all with khayr in abundance. Ameen!
If this review has touched or inspired you in any way, and you have the will to be involved, then please contact us at info@nour-dv.org.uk. We are always recruiting!

Wassalamu alaykum wa rahmatoLlahi wa barakatuhu

Nour Team

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  • Muhammad Talut

    Mashallah,great effort,may Allah bless the one who are helping,soften the hearts of other people and make spouse loving and caring. As ummah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) we should take the lead and help anyone and everyone no matter wat religion.

    May Allah bless us the best life of both worlds and all humanity

    December 3, 2012 - at 4:00 pm

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