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“My marriage was a sham but I did not kill my wife”

Shazia Kauser, wife of Raja Jeelani was found dead with 10 stab wounds at her home in Normanton.

Mr Jeelani, 27, has been involved in other incidents in the same year, he was found guilty by the jury for conspiracy of causing GBH to Renarto Blackwood in January 2011. Soon after on the 6th of March 2011, his wife was found dead in his home. In August 2011 he was convicted of motiveless beating of Mr Lawskoski, a 27-year-old father, also in Normanton – as he drove the gang in his BMW to the destination of where the 27 year old was beaten to death.

Shazia Kauser and Raja Jeelani were married but did not live as ‘husband and wife’. They both slept in separate bedrooms. They married in 2004 in Pakistan, to keep his parents happy. Jeelani was telling the Derby Crown Court about his relationship with Shazia. ‘We never had an argument, she was not the sort to argue, I had a lot of respect for that woman and wanted her to be happy’. She was aware he had a girlfriend who he wanted to marry at the time Shazia was murdered.

Mr. Jeelani was planning on finalising a divorce with Shazia as he expressed this decision to his girlfriend’s sister; he said, ‘it would be all sorted out’, to which he says he does not recall saying. Three months after her murder, he married his girlfriend – as promised.

At the time of his wife killing, Mr. Jeelani said he was in Nottingham with his friend Robual Islam. The defence barrister suggested to the jury that Mr. Islam is providing Jeelani with an alibi because he had done the same for Mr Islam in a previous murder trial.

Mr. Jeelani’s brother found Shazia dead and called the emergency service, saying she killed herself. He is not to participate with the case as he is not fit for purpose, suffering from autism.

Jeelani is pleading innocent to killing his wife

The case still continues: who killed Shazia and why this still stands unanswered. The history of murder cases by Mr. Jeelani is not allowing the current case to look good. If this is a case of wife killing, Mr. Jeelani is a prime example of what a coward is. The court has not revealed any pre-domestic abuse cases from the victim or Mr. Jeelani, neither are there any medical reports of injuries. It is an indistinct case but we await the jury’s verdict.

It is no surprise that pre-domestic abuse cases were not reported by Shazia. The British Crime Survey, states that only 40.2% of actual domestic abuse is reported to the Police (Dodd et al, 2004). Recently, it also came to light that Nigella Lawson found herself in a public dispute. This came as a shock to the British public, as Nigella displays herself as a happily married. The taboo of reporting domestic abuse is still very much in action. People fear to speak out. This is something we, as the human race, must tackle.

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