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Muslim Marriage Certificate

Nour along side UEL Isoc invites you on a course which will deliver in-depth insight how to live and maintain a beautiful marriage The course will empower you with the basic yet fundamental tools to prepare you for marriage. The pressures of marriage are difficult and new challenges are faced everyday, but this course will give you the courage and motivation to be able to deal with these challenges in a manner reflective of the Sunnah to see through to a healthy and eternal marriage with your spouse.

At the end of this course you will receive a certificate which would be signed by the Shuyuukh that delivered these courses inshaAllah

Saturday 18th February 2012 – The Blissful Marriage

First Half
Teacher: Sheikh Abu Aaliyah

  • The nature of marriage and ways in choosing an ideal partner
  • Involving parents in the best way: how to convince them when they’re not agreeing
  • When to insist and when to consider conceding

Second Half
Teacher: Sheikh Sulaiman Ghani

  • The planning the ceremony: to balance custom and family traditions with adherence to Qur’an and Sunnah
  • How to prepare the marriage contract: securing rights, agreeing on key concerns, and setting the right tone and spirit
  • Understanding the many religious aims and worldly benefits of marriage
  • Ways of understanding a woman’s heart and understanding a man’s heart

University of East London
Docklands Campus
University Way
London, E16 2RD

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Saturday 7th April 2012 – Closer than a Garment

First Half
Teacher: Imam Abdullah Hasan

  • The Islamic way of doing a walima
  • The mahr (dowry)
  • The wedding night (here the guide to sexual intimacy will be discussed)

Second Half

  • How to deal with past failures
  • Learning how to speak your Spouse’s Love language
  • How to benefit even from the differences spouses have


Saturday 19th May 2012- Home Improvements

First Half

  • How to win back the spouse’s heart
  • How to create a home of faith (The prophetic household to be mentioned here, the responsibilities of husband and wife, good manners at home)
  • How to deal with in-laws

Second Half
Teacher: Sheikh Shafiur Rahman

  • Steps to fusing a fight when it happens
  • Managing anger Islamically
  • Abusing an amanat (elements of violence and abuse to be mentioned and how Islam condemns any domestic violence/abuse)
    The evil hand
  • How not to force the spouse into doing things (for example, forcing the wife back to her mother’s house, or forcing her to bed)


Saturday 14th July 2012 – Live Peacefully or Leave Peacefully

First Half

  • The fiqh of divorce

Second Half

  • What Islam says about seeking help/counselling
  • Marriage counselling
  • No shame in seeking advise if a spouse is embedding something which may not be Islamic in their marriage (ie it need not stay between husband and wife if they’re in doubt: we’ve found many people do not speak out against DV as they feel it is ‘personal matters’ that doesn’t concern anyone else, and needs to be kept a ‘secret’)


Saturday 6th October 2012 – Parenting In Islam

Teacher: Sheikh Fahimul Anam

  • Raising one’s children in the west
  • Education and schooling
  • The responsibility of a Muslim mother and father
  • Bringing up successful children
  • Dealing with stress of parenting
  • Children learn what they see (effects of bad manner, domestic violence, unislamic household, and how a bad upbringing will result in a difficult adulthood)

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