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Muslim Marriage Certificate (Review)

Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!! Personally, at first, this big project which was handed to me felt daunting, but now I can proudly smile and say Alhamdulillah! Allah wanted me to do this and I hope the Nour team, myself, and the brothers and sisters who attended these seminars receive ajar in the most beautiful way! I pray it has made an impact to those who have taken away anything (even if a little), inshaAllah for the betterment of themselves and their household.

The Muslim Marriage Certificate launched earlier this year (February). The purpose of this course was based around the theme, ‘prevention is better than cure’. Nour, alongside many shooyukh, delivered these seminars; keeping in mind that it is vital to condemn DV and its root cause. Thus, what other better way can this be achieved other than re-educating the Muslim community back to basics of what constitutes a happy home; which can only be achieved by the teachings of Allah and His Messenger salAllahu alayhi wa Sallam.

The first seminar was, ‘The Blissful Marriage’, which highlighted the principles, values and the imperatives that have to be met Islamically when it comes to getting married. This seminar was covered by the respected Sheikh Abu Aaliyah, who has been greatly involved in this project. May Allah reward him for his efforts and the efforts of the respected Sheikh, Suliman Gani. The turnout was good mashaAllaah, the atmosphere was good, BUT the support was even better! And that is the reason why we have been delivering great seminars one after the other, 5 in total.

Our second seminar was covering the emotional and loving side of marriage. Sheikh Abdullah Hasan and Sheikh Abu Aaliyah highlighted the importance of understanding the spouses rights, their duties towards one another and their communications being the key in a successful marriage. The prophetic household was emphasised highly here as he was the best to his wives, so who better than him can you think of for aspiration when it comes to a happy home?

‘Home Improvements’ – no we did not highlight DIY, but we did highlight anger management and how to deal with in-laws. It’s a common thing in every household, more or less, thus we need to take a leaf out of the Prophet’s life on how to be tolerant in weak situations, as he was also just a human being. This seminar was the most interactive, as pretty much everyone who attended could relate to a married life which isn’t always plain sailing. With happiness comes hard work, it takes some ‘do it yourself’ as it’s your life and your marriage. So try and fix it with the knowledge and guidance Islam provides! This was covered beautifully by Sheikh Shafiur Rahman and Sheikh Abu Aaliyah.

Now ,the most recent one of all, ‘Live Peacefully or Leave Peacefully’, covered the fiqh of divorce and counselling. These are grey areas, which have hardly any light shed on these sensitive topics. However, we need to use the means Allah has provided us to find peace and solution. This seminar was covered by Sheikh Abu Aaliyah, who worked extremely hard and Nour is forever grateful for his generosity and time. His support and efforts will always be remembered and inshaAllaah our du’as will always be with him. Please visit him blog here to benefit greatly from his extensive knowledge (mashaAllaah): www.thehumblei.com

The final seminar would be, ‘Parenting in Islam’, which would be covered by Sheikh Fahimul Anam – a mediator and a case worker for Muslim Mediation Service. He deals with all family conflicts/discord from a Shari’ah perspective. On the day, he will be covering the roles of Muslim parents, dealing with stress and the effects of bad parenting. No one wants to hear ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ if parents are arguing, being violent or aggressive – chances are, the children would learn the behaviour, thus affecting their future.

For more details please visit www.muslimmarriagecertificate.com Tickets are being sold now.

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