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Maintaining Tawakkul and Aborting Perils

Sometimes accepting what Allah has decided for us is hard; very hard for those who have been in trials and tribulations for a lengthy period. This is not one of those articles which accentuates that this is the will of Allah and you must be patient to get through it, no. Tawakkul not only means to put your trust in Him, but to trust that He will PROTECT, STRENGTHEN, AND EMPOWER YOU. For that to result, you would need to maintain your tawakkul, as He can be your savior.

Allah (swt) says:

“…And whoever places his trust in Allah, Sufficient is He for him, for Allah will surely accomplish His Purpose: For verily, Allah has appointed for all things a due proportion.”
(Qur’an 65:3)

The Qur’an makes it clear that Tawakkul is not an option but rather a prerequisite.

Allah (swt) says:

“…and put your trust in Allah if you are believers indeed.”
(Surah Al-Ma’idah, 5: 23)

The step towards striving and placing faith in the ultimate hope, which is no other than Allah the All Mighty Himself, will be a positive reinforcement, rather than dwelling and being cooped up in the negatives. Routing the vulnerability into poise, and knowing relief is on the way, can change the whole attitude mentally, emotionally and physically. It will make the pain less painful and the trust in Allah sweeter. It won’t be easy but this little tawakkul is what no one can take away from you, this is yours; and only yours!

Allah (swt) says:

“…So seek provision from Allah and worship Him (alone).”
(Al-‘Ankaboot 29: 17)

Seeking help is tough, but the means that are in our distance should be utilised to strive and resolve the matter(s) WITH combining tawakkul, which is the proper way for a Muslim to resolve anything.

Allah (swt) also says in the Quran:

[There were] those to whom people said: “The people are gathering against you, so fear them.“ But it only increased their faith; they said:

“For us Allah is Sufficient and He is the best Disposer of affairs”
(Qur’an 3:173)

The Messenger of Allah (swt) SalAllaahu `alayhi wa sallam said,

“How wonderful it is for a believer that he always ends up with goodness: If he suffers and remains steadfast, it is rewarding; if good things happen and he thanks Allah that is also rewarding.”

The heart of the believer will have such an immense tranquility, due to the satisfaction in serving Allah (swt) without being afraid about the results that Allah (swt) provides for his untiring efforts, trust in and reliance on Allah (swt). The worries of life will seem minute once you have confidence in that all our concerns are in Allah’s hands and we can do only what is in our control, we leave the results to Allah and accept His decree whatever it may be. We continue to keep that tawakkul if the worst happens – to trust, not hope for the best! Remember that the perils are only temporary and relief is for eternity. There are continuous blessings to be received. The span of Allah’s creation, the souls in their billions who rely on Allah to keep them going everyday makes one, beyond doubt, meek. Without Him we are nothing and yet some do not even know their Creator.

The story of Yusuf (as) confronts schemes such as his own flesh and blood plotting to kill him, then to exile him. He then was sold into the slave market of Egypt. He then fell victim to the seduction of a great man’s wife. Failing to get her way, she sent him to prison where he remained for some time and this is where he spent his time in the remembrance of Allah (swt). As time went, and with his gift from Allah (swt) of dream interpreting, Yusuf (as) became the king’s financial minister and thus began his call to Allah (swt)

Given that, Allah (swt) has placed you in difficulty, He too will eradicate us from this difficulty. If Yusuf (as) not had been thrown into the well by his brothers, he would not have become the financial minister of Egypt. This was a blessing from Allah (swt) and so was the blessing of his health, wealth, honour, prophethood and a place in paradise. Yusuf (as) saw the results of his patience and tawakkul in Allah (swt) then surely, we will experience this from the day our test began right till the very end.


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