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I’m In Control

My life once revolved around you, not coz I asked or wanted It too…
My life was spinning out of control…
I had no control what so ever, however you got it wrong…..
Karma hit you back…
You thought you were safe,you thought ill hold It in….
YOU were WRONG….
Now you probably regret It….
You thought you could shut me up… have that hold on me, forever….
But you were proved wrong….
Yes you got what you wanted, but wasnt successful was it?
You may have hurt me n it impacted me, but what did you achieve? Loosing it?
Yes my life was ruined, but little did you know, it helped me grow stronger…
It still hurts, but I know that I’m free from you…
You took an innocent life to make It look bad, but little did you achieve…
Soon ill be in control and it will hit you back in your face, then we’ll see where it got me, and where it got you!
Low lives don’t deserve to live or breathe…. you were given a chance but you didnt get away with it, as the torment of fire you didn’t get away from!…. for all the lives u made suffer, don’t think you will escape easily…
Know I’m FREE and STRONGER or will be soon, I’m In CONTROL now!!

[A survivor]

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  • Ayesha

    Absolutely love this poem.. Alhamdulillah, whoever has written it, I know they have been through a lot, and alhmdulillah I say, because they are now out of that relation, or so I hope! No human being deserves to be tortured in such manner of oppression, this I strongly believe. My prayers are with all the brothers and sisters out there who are suffering under the oppression in their own homes, may He ‘azza wa jal alleviate them all from their situations and make them stronger! Aameen ya RABB!

    October 10, 2012 - at 2:12 am

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