Your Silence Is Their Greatest Weapon (Advertising Campaign)

London-based Islamic charity Nour have selected the services of Transport Media in order to publicise their UK support network for the muslim community.

Campaigning against domestic violence, Nour are launching adverts across bus headliners in London’s West Ham to raise awareness for the clandestine social issue of household abuse. Running for four weeks, the campaign will direct sufferers towards Nour in a bid to reduce silence surrounding the subject, commencing in synchronisation with the Nour Domestic Violence Awareness Week on the 18th March.

A dark background creates a base for the headliner advert, featuring the image of a solitary person on the right hand side, looking down at their clasped hands and cast in shadow. The statement ‘your silence is their greatest weapon’ instantly condemns the worryingly customary reaction of silence towards domestic violence, followed by the words ‘physical’ , ‘emotional’ and ‘verbal’ to remind victims that it is not just violence which counts. The Nour logo and website secure a recognisable brand for the mis-treated, giving them the opportunity to seek help or further information.

Nour reaches out to a Muslim community through its team of Islamic advisors, providing counselling and help which respects the faith of sufferers.

With extensive experience in out of home media, Transport Media are able to strategically guide Nour towards a successful marketing solution. Bus headliner advertising will expose the campaign across bus routes in the north and east London areas, giving public transport users sufficient dwell time to digest the image and understand its message. The base location of West Ham is located within the borough of Newham, which contains the second largest muslim percentage in England and Wales, ensuring that the campaign is targeted towards a relevant audience.

Source: Transport Media

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