We Can Listen …

We Can Listen …

September marks the transition from summer days to autumnal moods. It is surreal how fast days go, and how those days become years and yet we often find ourselves feeling stuck in that same place. Let yourself go and free your mind and see where life can take you. The world is bountiful and our steps can carry us anywhere.

When we think of the actual day we thought of introducing Nour to you all, it seems like a distant memory. We were terrified and nervous and knew little about anything at all but we were eager and we had the support of each other.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you are empowered and supported by others. This journey is your own but it is no less your journey if you have a shoulder to steer you through.

We can take meaning from above in all aspects of life, but we ask with heartfelt sincerity to those suffering, find your air and breathe. Amazing things will begin to unfold and the past will be over in time.

If you are not ready for any reason to take your journey out of darkness, then we don’t and will never judge you. We can still listen and comfort and be a friend.

Nour now has a helpline which you can call to just speak. And we can just listen. Sometimes having someone listening and not judging can help. We can be that person. Our lines are open every Thursday’s, from 8-9pm.

Let us know how we are doing too. Our services only mean something if they mean something to you.

Kindest salaams,

Nour – Domestic Violence
Strength | Support | Solace
Charity number 1144213
PO BOX 62954
N9 1BT

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