Watching life fly by …

Watching life fly by …

Time is relative and time changes depending on where you are. A moment can seem to last a lifetime and yet a moment in time can pass in the blink of an eye like lightning. Tick tock tick tock.

What if this clock stopped and time ceased to exist. What are you doing right now? Would you be affixed with this held by the pause of time. If we were judged alone on that action, what do you think our soul would witness.

If we think of time, it is strange. Take for example the nights during winter, time is stretched and then it shrinks again during the summer. When it is nightfall it is sunrise for others. Time is almost like a loop but it is not a loop. We can start each new day afresh and aspire for something new.

Time flows like sand and it slips through our fingers and mind before we realise where did it go. We all think we want wealth but maybe all we want is time. Time to rethink our choices, time to walk a different path, time to evaluate and time to step back.

Take a mirror and ask yourself, with time what did you achieve and with time what did you lose. If you don’t like what you see, change it because maybe you still have time.

It is our 6th anniversary. And we reflect on where the time has gone and if we have been able to reach out and help those vulnerable in our community. It would be great to hear back any feedback from you. We have small but positive and exciting developments in Nour and yes in due time they will be announced.

Leaving you with a short poem written by one of our volunteers (more always welcome) …

~ Watching life fly by … ~

Watching life fly by …
Do we not question our existence?
Have we been created aimlessly?
Or do we need time for some meaningful reflection.
Surely there is more to this life than what meets the eye.
Or satisfies the tongue, following our lowly desires until we feel overcome.
Sleeping to rest our bodies, not thinking of the taking of our souls.
Our last breath taking us to our lengthy abode …

Love and Duas
Nour – Domestic Violence
Strength | Support | Solace
Charity number 1144213
PO BOX 62954
N9 1BT

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