Tomorrow Is Too Late

Tomorrow Is Too Late

I remember a few ramadhans ago, how time seems to accelerate each time, I promised myself I would try and read a few more rakats taraweeh next year, that I would try and spend more time in thikr, that I would give more to charities and that I would better my deen. This is all of us and resonates to the intentions we make each year.

To grow and flourish is to water our hearts and let our souls thrive. Each persons journey is their own and as long as we are moving forward then we are progressing. But how do we measure our progression? Is there a scale we can use? Or an exam we can sit? Or someone qualified to assess and pass merit on us? A learned person once said when you are pleased with yourself, you will know because Allah will be pleased with you. And that is what we all truly desire.

Those feelings of contentment are feeling more and more like a treasure buried deep somewhere so lost sometimes it feels lost forever. And maybe that’s not a hopeless thought if we pause and step back. So pause and step back. Look at the current state of the impoverished nations around us. Now look a little closer to home. Do we notice the sister struggling to mask her bruises in her marriage? Do we notice the brother struggling to keep pretences when his heart is being wrenched so tight he cannot breathe in his own home.

The reality is, I think we do notice but we disregard easily. Our emotions tug but we pacify ourselves by comforting our hearts that there are much bigger issues. What have we become that we put each persons pain and suffering onto a scale and then judge who is needy of our help. This ramadhan, you may hear of a sister. A sister whose body was found on the third fast in her own home, #HerSanctuary. The issue of DV is real and if ever we needed proof to waiver our hearts then this is it. We are not asking for money or your time. All we ask you do to is first open your eyes. A life is a life and this sisters life is worth its weight in gold for the ummah. She has a right for justice and she has a right to be remembered. Her death was untimely and brutal but there will be many others after her bearing the same fate if we stand by still debating whose suffering is the most.

We need to step back and breathe, we need to make the intention that each ramadhan we will remember those suffering that we forget about. There are many causes which do not get the support and attention they should. DV is one of those causes.

Ramadhan is the perfect month to soften our hearts. So step back and soften yours. Please make a sincere dua for this sister and spread awareness of DV. If you want to do more then you can get involved and donate but this is first a heartfelt request for you all to open your eyes. Break the silence, and stop telling yourself DV is not a real issue. Tell that to the sister who is no longer with us.

Nour – Domestic Violence

Strength | Support | Solace

Charity number: 1144213

PO BOX 62954


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