Tick tock tick tock … Allahuma Balighna Ramadhan

Allahuma Balighna Ramadhan

It feels like the circle of life each time we greet Ramadhan. It’s like a re birth for us all and a much needed soul cleanser. Prepare for Ramadhan now, get into shape physically, mentally and spiritually. For us at Nour, that has been looking within our team to see how best we can serve our Muslims and our neighbours. Nour is humbled to announce our partnership with Khair counselling with Khalidah Haque. Counselling has been one of our key services which we have provided from inception. It is more powerful than medication yet not so easily accessible for most. Nour works to remove those obstacles and and together with Khair counselling we hope to provide counselling and support to more women.

We have so many exciting projects and collaborations to announce here too. We recently launched Replenish, a support group for sisters and we hope to host our first meet up very soon. As-Suffa Outreach have recently partnered with Nour to help reach more men and women in our community. There is still so much groundwork we need to do and we realise this every time a survivor tells us she had never heard of Nour and the support it would have given her had she found us during her battles. We hope that our partnership with As-Suffa will enable us to reach out to more communities and provide access to our services.

And last but not least we have an amazing and unique event this month! A garage workshop in Luton. A very different event but how many have the confidence to change a wheel and take charge of more than just the wheel inside the car. Learn how to do this and much more and support Nour at the same time. Empower yourself and empower Nour to carry on doing what we do.

We finally have our annual Ramadhan fundraiser and pledges. This month is bittersweet for us. Did you know during this month, we always have the greatest influx of men and women approach us for help and support. And it is also during this month we try to raise as much donations from you the public as possible. If you think you can get involved then please do it. You just need to care. Contact Nour is you are interested.

Let’s make this the best Ramadhan yet inshaAllah.

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