Ramadhan Awakening

Salaam aleykum

Nour has had an amazing month from launching our first outreach event in Luton. This was unique and generated so much support and interest from other cities. We are also near to launching our first event for Replenish, a support group for sisters going through divorce or have gone through a divorce, find out more here. So now as we enter into Ramadhan once again, we are excited and have high expectations that this month will be amazing and bring new ventures for Nour.

This month is also bittersweet as we are gifted the most donations from you the public. And it is during this month that we are contacted by a record number of survivors seeking our help and support. It’s Ramadhan and the best revelation of our characters to others and to ourselves. Surely this is something to contemplate on.

Let this month be sweet and Imaan boosting. Let this month be beautiful and may Allah give Nour the chance to help more survivors. Please support our work and donate generously during this month. There are so many causes dear to the Muslim ummah but so much goodness in us too. Let the love and bonds overshadow the small clouds of darkness. Let’s support each other and support every cause and help every person in the best capacity possible. Do not limit yourself during this month. Allah has no limits on his mercy and kindness and so there is no reason why we should limit how we receive his blessings.

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