Pious Poet

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Sometimes she can’t sleep sometimes she misses home
Reminiscing back to when she was eleven years old
As a little girl day dreaming of a stove
That came with the white picket fence and a home
Back then life was so much easy for her
Now she’s married to a man that be beating on her
Hot headed with a cold heart replaced by an icebox
The sister stood by his side praying that it might stop
She had so much patience for him
Short temper mixed with long drinks let out his jinn
Her friends asked about her bruises so she started to use make up
With Fabricated smiles and excuses that were made up
The harder he would hit her the stronger she would love her man
And never ever once though about another man
Fessibiallah she was grateful for what she had
Plus she was used to abuse growing up watching her dad

Year two of this sequel ain’t nothing changed but the hall lights
Now she got to share her husband with a co-wife
She don’t get her haqq he with his other woman most nights
He left his first wife feeling like a pair of old Nikes
Done payed her dues for too long waiting on a new song
A half price marriage like it came with a coupon
Umi saying baby stay patient don’t move on
He’ll eventually come around one day that’s how a man plays
Faith in Allah pain in her heart
This relationship was finished she knew it from the start
Being optimistic she would stay and play the part
Of a human pinata caught up in domestic drama
She blame her mama every time that he abuses her
She be telling her it’s her fault confusing her
Now her blood pressures like the gas price sky high
She smiling on the outside but inside she cries, in the name of patience

The last verse was like the second and first but only more worse
The sister found not only love is blind but the truth hurts
They say sticks and stones it’s the only way to leave a mark
Abuse is not only physical when harsh words Peirce through the heart
Tears are now tattooed on her face
And could no longer cry cause her souls been died
Falling off her deen because the path her husband’s taking her
Was the total oppiste from our maker which created her
And that’s when it all came to her faster than a dark cloud could bring rain to her
She forgot the main reason patience was given to him
Lost her purpose for a second and started living for him
But the only want to live for give for cry for
Hurt for fight for battle and even die for
Is Allah and after this everything falls in perspective
The only man to ever blindly follow is Muhammad (saw) and his message
For every man and woman reading this whether Muslim or not
Let take it back to where it started at or have we forgot Allah grants patience

As an accomplished performing artist, Good Brother has competed, partaken in various talent shows, was featured on radio programming and within several media platforms, but most recently he’s made noise in viral media. He describes his own style as a “spoken soul” genre, lending to another creative market somewhere between Spoken Word and Hip-Hop inspired Acapella.

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