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Eid Fusion (Review)

Keeping the Eid spirit high NOUR held a ladies only fundraiser event, so that women can get involved in a way they would love and that was shopping. To get the buckets full and heavy the fundraiser sold some very popular mocktails mashAllah, lovely hijabs, jilbabs, designer make up, fine jewellery, precious cupcakes and not forgetting one of the stars the chocolate fountain stall. The fundraiser took place at The Kingsley Hall in Brombley-by-Bow.

As the local ladies and children entered our fundraiser they visited every stall, and found themselves engaged with what they found interesting. The first 30 guests received a refreshing welcoming with a complimentary free mocktail, the mocktails were the star of this event, it took many by storm as they had seconds and even thirds. The henna stall attracted the women of all ages, and was one of our popular activities, the children had their face painted to their favourite characters and even started to act like those characters. There was a few biddings for our auction on beautiful canvases, and delicate art pieces, but the most popular was the sword. Many even donated 50p to take a photo whilst posing with the sword.

Alhamdulillah everyone worked very hard as the day started to approach towards the end, the stall holders that cooked delicious Turkish food gave out some free baked rolls, and this made the smile on many faces even bigger. The theme of NOUR was evident in this event as every sister took each other as their own, strength support and solace was present in the hall. Love and care was waving in the atmosphere when everyone grabbed a broom and dustpan when reaching an end to the wonderful day. A special mention to those stall holders that helped the NOUR volunteers with tiding up, and also a special mention to the NOUR volunteers who catered for the fundraiser the night before by sacrificing their bedtime.

Throughout the event there was laughter, smiles and everyone looking out for each other, Alhamdulillah the success of NOUR will keep succeeding only with these attitudes InshaAllah. Our guests have enjoyed themselves and were really supportive towards the cause may Allah reward the sisters and the children that attended and accept their donations, may Allah increase the Baraka of NOUR which is evident in the support we are receiving, and may Allah accept all our hard work as the primary reason is to save lives from the suffering of a brutal crime in Islam-Domestic Violence! And may we remember the victims of domestic violence in our du’as



Welcome Pack To Inform Guests About NOUR

Ready, Get Set, GO TEAM NOUR!

Sunrise-Our Popular Mocktail By Our Very Own NOUR Volunteer

Tickle For The Taste Buds

A Local Guest Had Henna Done For The First Time

Characters Coming Alive

Attracting The Crowd

The End Of Eid Fusion

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