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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2018

Monday - #MyMosqueCares Survey

Nour DV have been conducting a survey to better understand the role our Mosques currently play in helping victims of domestic abuse.

Enter Survey Here ...

We will be sharing the results of our findings during the first day of the Week!


Tuesday - Lend A Helping Hand

Street Art Event

Nour will take to the streets and ask the public to participate in a group art project which aims to be a stance against domestic abuse. Come join us and leave a lasting imprint of hope for those suffering behind closed doors.

Wednesday - Twitter Storm

#MyMosqueCare will take to twitter using this platform to reach out to the masses to let everyone know we are trying to change the approach mosques have to help sufferers of abuse

Thursday - Duty Of Care Webinar

A webinar for everyone to access and benefit from the comfort of your own home.
Join Nour and Sheikh Abdul Hameed via our Facebook page .

Friday - Khutbah Campaign

Encouraging all mosques to dedicate their khutbah on domestic abuse. Khutbah template can be found here

Saturday - Rebuilding Self Love Competition

After physical and emotional battles, we need time to heal, to rebuild ourselves and rediscover our importance.

As part of DV week 2018, express this process of surviving and discovering self-love again to help domestic violence victims.

You are welcome to write a poem, submit a spoken word video, or write a creative piece to win prizes such as the Qur’an Cube.

Please submit your entries to info@nour-dv.org.uk by Sunday the 15th of April 2018.

Sunday - Live Q&A

We will be answering all your questions about Nour and Domestic Abuse via Instagram live. Questions can be sent to us throughout the week and we will aim to answer as many as we can.