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DVAW14 Review


Alhamduilllah another year and another Domestic Violence awareness week nipped in the bud. Each year we are progressing and spreading more awareness.


Voices for the Voiceless

We kick started the week of with a video uniting influential figures and organisations together to condemn domestic abuse and give their support to Nour. We would like to thank each and every participant.[pro-player type=’video’]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEtLiu1guRI[/pro-player]


Macho Man webinar
We discovered with Mufti Abu Layth what makes you a real man. How was our Prophet SalAllahu alayhi wa Sallam. How did he carry himself? What did he do in times of stress. How can we handle our anger? How did he treat his womenfolk? An enlightening session which will be uploaded very soon!


Twitter Storm/Quote it Winner

Our Twitter campaign was very successful alhamdulillah, with the hashtag: #ThisIsAbuse. It was encouraging to see so many tweeters supporting us and raising awareness. The stories and facts we shared were heartbreaking and shocking, but it pushed a courageous sister to come forward about her situation.

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Last month we launched our “Quote It!” competition, asking you to come up with an original quote related to domestic violence and make it your Facebook profile picture. Our aim was to engage with the public and together use social media as a means to take a stand against domestic abuse. At the same time, we wanted to reach out to those who may need our help. Alhamdulillah we received a great response! We were really impressed with the quality of the entries and the thought that was put into them. Picking 5 winners was not easy! Thanks to all those who took part! You can view all entries on our Facebook. Here are the 5 winners-we thought the meanings were very powerful behind these quotes:

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Nour Shop Launch

With Nour’s ever grown materials masha’Allah, we have launched our shop, a central location for all merchandise and materials, which can be ordered and delivered to you. Whether it is resources or information you are seeking, you will find this here.



Khutbah Campaign/Post It

This year has been our most successful week yet. We have managed to prompt Muslim Council of Britain to join in on our Domestic Violence Awareness week and take lead in the Khutbah campaign. They had kindly agreed and united Imams and other like organisations to deliver this message.

PostIt was a very successful outdoor awareness campaign. We were outside The London Muslim Centre with a large board, requesting the public to post their thoughts up on this issue, whether that is inspiring, personal or condemning dv messages.


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Broken Child event

The Broken Child seminar was one of the last events of the week. Here, we aimed to focus on the young generation of sufferers of domestic violence; the children who get caught in the crossfire between parents. It was opened by Sayyidah Zaidi, explaining in the most eloquent and humble fashion, how this disease manages to manifest itself in the psyche of young children. The next speaker was Afshan Khan, who carried out an interactive session with the audience, challenging their views of Domestic violence and thoroughly using her counseling expertise to allow the message to sink in- almost 100% of failed marriages in her experience were caused by childhood traumas with one or both of the parents. This event was a great eye-opener, and both of the lectures will soon be available to watch online.

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Empowering Women Workshop

Nour’s empowering women’s event is one of our most important events which we host annually during our DV week. Our counsellor Khalidah Haque leads small groups of women to openly discuss topics around dv and introduces them to counselling and more. Feedback from this event is always positive which is why we hope to host this event next year too inshaAllah. This also gives an opportunity for sisters to meet together and find support together and surely this is a good and a positive step and we hope Nour can be a support and continue to offer solace. We thank everyone who helped our event from the caterers and cake baker to our counselor and to all those who attended our event.

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We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of domestic violence awareness week 2014, all those who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and all those who have supported us. Please keep our Team and work in your prayers.

Peace be upon you all.


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