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A Drop In The Ocean

The issue of domestic violence has proved regardless of being such a prevalent issue, the willingness to rather denounce such ignorance but essentially conceal a person’s pain seems much preferred, dismissing it as a private issue. Yet the circulation of speech regarding the issue is imperative, it is a concern within the community, thus unification upon the matter is a duty.

Nour’s services are based on the Qur’an and Prophetic teaching that condemns such violence, thus allowing such prospective to be a platform to provide services. Our team of professionals provide legal, Islamic advice and counselling services and our array of workers are also fully qualified and passionate within their jobs. Nour does not discriminate through Religion, ethnicity and gender, also highlighting another unique aspect of our organisation, we are available for both male and female victims of domestic violence. Nour endeavours to assess the core of the prevalent yet silent issue of domestic violence by re-educating the society, this is via seminars, talks, Friday sermons and workshops.

Nour’s services are undoubtedly required with a constant increase of clients approaching us, and for such provisions to be maintained and to also blossom, we need support. Nour has initiated a project that can only work with the help of the public; embracing the saying ‘every little counts.’ We watch oceans flow sometimes without realising that it’s been created by droplets of water. Once we comprehend that each drop has its worth and acknowledge its necessity; it’s only then that we begin to appreciate the beauty behind it. Here we introduce, ‘A Drop In The Ocean,’ by donating a minimum of £1 a month, you can pay towards the much needed services that Nour provides. That’s the cost of two packets of chewing gums that you’d probably spend in a week! It’s an amount that we overlook and spend without a second thought thus forgetting its worth. Alternatively, just text “NOUR10 £5” to 70070 to donate £5 and JustGiving will process your donation for you!

Place your drop in the ocean and create a smile. Allow your drop to create a ripple and bring solace. Watch your drop become that ocean and diminish silence … Sign up to a standing order form with Nour. Stand by Nour, fulfil your duty and together we can provide, strength, solace and support.

We leave you with a few testimonials from our clients; all who have benefitted from our services alhamdulillah and you could help us to help them.

“Nour as a company has helped me Alhamdulillah stand on my feet any woman who is going through a tough patch in their lives would recommend Nour they are friendly helpful and will advice you and help you and relieve you of any problems you have I can’t thank Nour and khalida enough for all they have done for me I feel a lot better and I don’t have time to think about or be depressed anymore about things. Alhamdullilah I am back on my own two feet”

“I’m glad I chose to take this step, and not leave it for any longer, as I’ve left it way long enough and that’s not got me anywhere. Without your help, I may not have taken that step, JazakAllah for helping me, and helping me make and take decisions which have really helped and made a difference, even though it’s just through email, it’s made a difference, JazakAllah. Thank you for your support”

“I seriously couldn’t have done this without all the support from Nour and school and MYH, MYH were a massive support in helping me make the most difficult step I think I should have taken ages ago, without them, you and school I don’t think I’ll be coping. I really wish I could do something to support Nour n MYH but inshAllah when I’m a bit older and have a Job, I am really thankful for all the support I got, and without you, I don’t think I would have given counselling a try, tbh. Thank you so much.. May Allah reward you and Nour and all others who are helping people in similar situations, thank you so much … W.Salaams and thank you again..”

“Thank You… I was close to giving up, but I didn’t because when I was so close to give up, I either had an email from you, giving me that hope and push to carry on, or some friend knocked sense into me, Alhamdulillah I’m grateful for your help and really appreciate it. Without this help, I may not have got this far…. Thank you, and I’ll keep you up-to-date how I’m getting on inshAllah thank you, and you take care too.”

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