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Don’t Get Left Behind

Sometimes it feels like your are standing at the edge of the cliff and when looking down you see nothing but hollow darkness, as far as your sight goes you get scared, scared at the thought of being left behind, and everyone will pass you by leaving you to your misery. You find it hard to identify yourself, it seems like you have lost your sanity and it has jeopardised your existence. Your central being does not react to emotions; your passion seems to have been drained out.

YOU are lost!

Considering your whole life, there are times it feels like a roller coaster, so you have learnt so many things and gained such experiences that changed your total perception. As humans we are inclined not to have engraved principles, we change just like the seasons and since it is the holy month of Ramadan, give yourself an awakening. As Allah says He does not change the condition of a person, until the person changes their condition first.

To start off with becoming a better person one needs to check their intentions, humble yourself in front of your Lord, surrender to Him as you are weak and He is strong. Thrash about against the old you. Do not be satisfied with the amount of Ibada or Charity you give it is never enough, do not be satisfied with low objectives but instead aim for the highest.

During Ramadan it is the best opportunity to go back to basics, educate yourself with learning the merits of the month and its individual features. Achieve this by learning Qur’an, getting familiar with the Seerah of the Prophet Sal Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Keep a record of your progress on a Ramadan Timetable 2011, this will enable you to set down your targets, and see if you meet them along the way. We all witness Ramadan to come very quickly and depart from us very quickly too, thus should exceed in our good deeds for the month and even after the month.

Laylatul Qadr; the night which is better than a thousand nights you should be begging Allah for His mercy. This will remind you of your place as His servant and He is your master. Allah envelops you with His mercy each and every day with food and shelter so this special night you will dedicate every limb, every action, every word you utter to Allah.

As Allah says in the Qur’an

Verily In The Remembrance of Allah Do Hearts Find Peace-13:28

Make Innumerable amount of Du’a as it is the weapon of the believer; Du’a and the seeking of protection from Allah are like weapons, but the sharpness of a weapon is not sufficient for it to cause effect, for the person that handles it also plays a role. So whenever the weapon is a perfect one, having no flaw in it, and the forearm is strong, and there are no preventing factors, then it will cause an effect on the enemy…Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

It is a race against time as we do not know if we will live to see Ramadan enter our lives again. Just as Ramadan comes for only a little while, life is only for a little while; we should be grabbing every khair we can along the way. It is very short and we should live it to the full; full in the sense of submitting our whole life to Allah, hence if we were to die we will die, Allah being pleased with us. With life there is more to it; it’s about caring, it’s about sharing and compromising, it’s about believing in Allah and trusting Him, everything compiled, it’s all about enjoying the little time you have in your hand and so this Ramadan should not be taken for granted. You may have already spent half of your life not knowing what to do or being confused as what to do, and now only another half is left, but thanks to Allah the Almighty you will now have a clear understanding as regards to what you want to do with your life, to be a Muslim is such a great honour so let us not abuse it. Life is beautiful to those who eagerly want the pleasure of Allah.

Just don’t get left behind

Hafeeza Kelli Yasmin

Nour Public Relations

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