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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2016

Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2016



Monday 28th March

#ItsMyRight campaign

There are so many angles from which we can consider the rights of ourselves but also the rights owe to others. Sometimes we become fixated on such one linear version of rights, whether it be always considering the rights of others and neglecting oneself or propagating the rights of oneself without any care or thought of the rights of others. Both can be harmful and pull individuals into a selfish and destructive mode that is unhealthy, damaging and tainting relationships between children, parents, siblings, friends and spouses. For DVAW2016, Nour is encouraging you all to consider the rights of both ourselves and others in a show of support and self-realization that we can all co-exist mutually if we find this balance. By acknowledging these rights, we may even come to realise that some of our actions are rather the opposite, oppressive. Let’s know our rights and empower ourselves to be a better person to ourselves and to others. When we discuss rights we do not mean rigid walls and iron bars, we mean beautiful rights to create sakeena and tranquility and beauty in the home. #ItsMyRight to protect her. #ItsMyRight to keep him happy. Send us your image and your caption to info@nour-dv.org.uk


Tuesday 29th March

Twitter Storm

Join our twitter storm at 8pm, using the hashtag #ItsMyRight, as we explore fulfilling our rights to serve ourselves and others in goodness. Keep your eyes peeled for the pastebin to help you with tweets.


Wednesday 30th March


We often talk about the bittersweet struggle and the torturous paths that lead to a divorce and the hope of the resolution and peace it may bring after. But the in-between limbo land during, and sometimes even after, a divorce is never addressed enough. Sometimes it is during these times that we can become lost and if only there was someone to just listen to us without judging us, it could mean the difference between breathing normally to fight through the next day. We will be providing a safe haven and community of friends to just listen and share and support, through regular meet ups where you can come along to relax and recharge or even to find resolutions to be that stronger and better person.


Thursday 31st March

Express Competition

Let’s talk about DV. Send in your creative work reflecting domestic violence and what it means to you. It can be a short story, poem or even an artwork. It must be original and should not be offensive. We will compile these and the short listed pieces will be displayed and open to the public to view at a forthcoming event. Prizes will be given for the best creative work followed by a runner up prize as judged by Nour. Send in your entries to info@nour-dv.org.uk. If you are creating an art work please send in a picture of the artwork initially.


Friday 1st April

Jummah Khutbah

With the support of FOSIS, we are encouraging Masajid around the country to deliver a khutbah at Jumu’ah relating it to domestic abuse. You can download the khutbah template by clicking here.

Reality of DV Documentary

Umm Sariah Productions and Nour have worked on a real life feeling documentary on those who suffer from domestic abuse including interviews with beneficiaries of Nour. We will be showcasing this for the first time since being produced.


Saturday 2nd April

Who Am I Workshop

Afshan Khan, a professional and experienced counsellor, will be delivering a workshop “Who Am I”, helping those who have survived hardship and are rediscovering themselves again. A free workshop, with limited seatings. Book your tickets here:



Nour will be finally launching a phone line to allow our beneficiaries easier access to reach us and seek the help that is required.


Sunday 3rd April

Message in the Clouds

We’ll be closing DV week with a beautiful event in Trafalgar Square, join us at 12 pm where we will be writing messages of hope on balloons and release them into the clouds, in the hope it is received by someone who is need of uplifting words.


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