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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2015

Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2015





Monday 16th March
Join our #SpeakOut campaign on social networking sites and encourage others to take part and spread the message. Remaining silent is a crime in itself and we must speak out and educate others regarding this issue, which is still very much a taboo subject.

Tuesday 17th March
Our beneficiaries #SpeakOut and give you first hand accounts of their situation and how they have benefitted from Nour alhamdulillah.

Wednesday 18th March
We will be launching “Naseeha bites” A monthly video discussing and highlighting important issues and points to maintain a healthy marital relationship and a happy home.
Join us in the evening for our twitter storm to reach out to the masses to #SpeakOut

Thursday 19th March.
The Sakeena-Tranquility Domestic Abuse Recovery Programme
Devised and facilitated by Khalida Haque (Counselling Psychotherapist) and Julie Lock (Domestic Abuse Survivor)
Combining Islamic and Western thought to insha’Allah bring equilibrium back to shattered lives and minds.

Friday 20th March
Masajid around the country are encouraged to deliver a khutbah at Jumu’ah relating it to domestic abuse.

Saturday 21st March
Join us in trafalgar square as we go public with our Snap it campaign. Shooting the public and their views on domestic abuse

Sunday 22nd March
Become who you are seminar for those who have lost themselves through hardship, join Khalida Haque, our counsellor for an enlightening session in rediscovering yourself.
*Please note, event is free however there is a deposit which will need to be paid and fully refundable upon attendance*

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