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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2015

We saw a great week come to an end, Nour Domestic violence awareness week 2015. The level of publicity and response we received was fantastic and by far the biggest DVAW yet!


speak out Nadia Ali


We kick started the week off with our Ambassador Nadia Ali launching the #SpeakOut campaign. Many supporters, new and old, took part and send through the pictures, encouraging victims of abuse to break their silence. This went viral across social media and we received a great response.




[pro-player type=’video’]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7ncoONpKNg[/pro-player]

We watched our beneficiaries, from different walks of life, talk about their experience and their journey from darkness to light, which Nour took them through. There are many clients who come forward and we assist each and every one of them, thus require your regular donations, to keep our services going. www.nour-dv.org.uk/donate



We took the #SpeakOut Hashtag up a notch and initiated a twitter storm which invited supporters all across to get involved. The main theme this week was to end the silence and letting victims of abuse know they are not alone.


[pro-player type=’video’]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32MwirzlAoI[/pro-player]

We saw the launch of our new, first of a kind programme being launched, the Sakeena-Tranquility domestic abuse recovery programme. A 12 week programme taking victims of abuse on a journey to recovery.


Each year we encourage masajid to deliver their Friday sermon, revolving it around the issue of abuse. Condemning this and relaying the true Islamic stance of abuse and propagating the Mercy and love that our religion teaches.






Our team headed out to Trafalgar square in a “Snap It” quest, speaking to the public and getting their views on abuse. This was a much successful event.

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