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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2013 (Review)

This years Domestic Violence Awareness Week was our biggest awareness week yet. Find out how it went in our review of all the events below.

Monday – Advertising Campaign
Nour kickstarted Domestic Violence Awareness Week by launching adverts across bus headliners in London’s West Ham, to raise awareness for the clandestine social issue of household abuse. Running for four weeks, we aim to direct sufferers towards Nour in a bid to reduce silence surrounding this subject. Bus headliner advertising will expose the campaign across bus routes in the north and east of London, giving public transport users sufficient dwell time to digest the image and understand its message. The base location of West Ham is within the borough of Newham and through Tower Hamlets. Both these areas are the largest and second largest percentage of Muslim population in England and Wales, thus ensuring that the campaign is targeted towards the relevant audience. You can read Transport Media’s press release here.

Tuesday – Nour On Your Streets
Our Outreach Team were sent out on Tuesday’s grey afternoon to do what we do best – campaign, engage, and brighten things up. Our team were prepared to take part in this exciting programme, which gave us the chance to converse with the public; educating them about the reality of domestic violence. Previously, alhamdulillaah, the campaign had gone great, reflecting our people’s interest and ability to take part in the aim of abolishing this grave issue settled into our homes. Unfortunately however, this time, due to the road work and other unforeseen circumstances, unexpected disruption was brought forward, which we could not rectify; giving us no other option but to cancel the day. Nonetheless our determination still drove us to engage and converse with a few people who agreed to sign up to our mailing list before we came to this decision – and our determination will drive us to do this whole thing again far better and bigger, perhaps in a place somewhere near you! So keep yourselves posted and watch out for our team on your streets in the very near future! InshaaAllaah!

Wednesday – Home Sweet Home/Twitter Campaign
We initiated a twitter campaign with the Hashtag #HomeSweetHome, emphasising the importance of maintaining a peaceful and tranquil home as opposed to a home which has been violated through abuse. We had many people join in the twitter storm, many new supporters and many home-hitting tweets. One that stood out was, ‘The home should be a place of peace, support and love. Not instability, fear and pain. #StopDomesticViolence #HomeSweetHome’

Thursday – Romance Vs Violence
This webinar was a great hit with such positive feedback alhamdulillaah. Speakers included Sheikh Abdul Nasir Jangda and Sheikh Yaser Birjas. They covered topics of the Prophetic way in treating one’s spouse and maintaining healthy home with advise on how to do this. The aim of the webinar is to reach out to those individuals who are unable to leave their homes and answer any misconceptions or questions one may hold. You can catch the full webinar including the Q&A session below.
If you attended Romance Vs Violence then please let us know your thoughts by completing this short survey.

Friday – Domestic Violence Khutbah
May Allah reward all those imams who have contributed to delivering the khutbah. We recognise that many mosques unfortunately are still apprehensive with addressing this serious issue and Nour will try its level best to penetrate these mosques and work with our imams to address this crime.

Saturday – An Evening With Nour
An evening with Nour was indeed an evening with shining gems! The issue of domestic violence was expressed through talented poetry, moving stories and the work Nour has done thus far. A big Jazak’Allah khairan to our poets, supporters (D’gaf) and contributors The event was three hours of non stop entertainment, which inspired the audience to participate in why the growing disease in our society needs to be eradicated. We all know this is a taboo, but it is still an issue which the community needs to stand together against! The evening was a success masha’Allah and very much in demand for a double. The purpose of the evening was to let you know Nour is an active charity and with each step we are progressing to be a brighter source of light! We had amazing contribution towards the charity, and we auctioned all the lovely items. More evenings like this are to come insha’Allah!
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Sunday – Empowering Women
This event was an amazing, enlightening and empowering event! The sisters came together and discussed many topics including how to look out for signs of abuse, what to do if you are in such situations, how to plan or prepare for action during emergencies and Islam’s outlook on this situation. The sisters got together in small groups and discussed each point in depth. Ideas were brought forward and each attendee learnt something new off one another. It was an incredible support system, where the sisters felt they ‘knew each other for years’ – mashaaAllaah and exchanged numbers, creating a new circle of friends! Many times, a lot of the sisters focused on the question, ‘why?’. There were also questions of how one can help their partner. At this point, our counsellor said something rather profound, “You cannot stop your partner’s violence, only they can”. SubhanAllaah. Many times sisters blame themselves. Or feel guilt for leaving – however, this event empowered the sisters thought processes, to see that they were not to blame. If their partners wanted to change, they would’ve sought help!
If you attended Empowering Women then please let us know your thoughts by completing this short survey.

We’d like to thank our amazing counsellor, Khalida Haque, for yet another outstanding Empowering Women event and AlKauthar Institute for helping to advertise the week.

Alhamdulillaah we can see that every year, DV week has greatly reaches out to a wider number of people.

So far, in the month of March, we’ve been contacted by 29 clients. 21 of these clients were sudden influxes during and after DV week. Alhamdulillaah, the various means of awareness clearly made a difference to reaching out to more sufferers. We await the day where this number reduces to nil – Til then, we will continue to strive in aiding as many people as possible; being their much needed strength, support and solace – inshaaAllaah!

As we close Domestic Violence awareness Week 2013, we have begun planning Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2014. If you have suggestions or wish to assist please do get in touch at info@nour-dv.org.uk

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