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He Abused My Trust

I was new to Islam, I did not know how to pray, let alone having a wali and meetings etc, so when he asked me to marry him I was so happy, after all coming from a unislamic background I was so happy that I had found someone who wanted to marry me and
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Stress & Depression, an Islamic Perception

Download here: Stress & Depression, an Islamic perception    
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Enough! A web of lies. A mesh of treachery. A snare of shams. Egocentric. Guilt blaming. Gas lighting. Stone walling. Narcissist. Separated. Now divorced. Still you control. Drama. http://nour-dv.org.uk/wp-admin/post-new.php# Bored? Jaded? Scared I m
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A Wali of Mine

A wali of Mine It was a test I know, specifically designed for me. Whilst the physical pain of bruises have long gone with only scars remaining, the emotional pain still exists. It’s still an open wound. It is raw. Sensitive to touch. Often times I
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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2015

We saw a great week come to an end, Nour Domestic violence awareness week 2015. The level of publicity and response we received was fantastic and by far the biggest DVAW yet! Monday   We kick started the week off with our Ambassador Nadia Ali la
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DVAW14 Review

DVAW14 Alhamduilllah another year and another Domestic Violence awareness week nipped in the bud. Each year we are progressing and spreading more awareness. Monday Voices for the Voiceless We kick started the week of with a video uniting influential
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Hurting all over

  ‘Contrary to what critics of Islam may say, domestic violence is not permitted in Islam. In Nour’s domestic violence booklet, their Islamic advisors and consultant shuyookh explain the ‘misunderstood verse’ “… a

Silently crying

Silently crying, This pain is so strong.. What did I do wrong? There’s not a day I don’t go without trying. Taking my medication and resting is not all i do. Some days I get up n run too. Thinking… Five years ago what I went through
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“It’s all your fault! You deserved it!”

“It’s all your fault! You deserved it!” The above words are commonly heard by victims of domestic abuse. And according to these words, it is they who are responsible for the actions of the abuser. I’m sure there are a number of “you what!
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Who Controls You? (Review)

Afshan Khan has been serving the community for 27 years in Islamic counselling and Mediation service for Muslim women. It was an honour for Nour to get hold of her as she shared her expertise in this field. The workshop proved effective through its i
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