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Quote It!

“Quote It!” 24th Feb – 2nd March 2014 Competition time! It’s time for you to shine your NOUR! Take a stand against Domestic violence. Against oppression and abuse. Spread the word. Domestic Violence must end! How can you shine? Ho

Halaqah Sessions

Nour, Newham Islamic Learning & Research Centre and Sukoon proudly present: FREE including counselling sessions! Nour, Newham      
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Romance Vs Violence

What Would The Prophet (saw) Do?The home is your place of rest, your rose garden indoors, your glimpse of Jannah, your source of peace – or so, it is supposed to be. Today, behind closed doors it has become everything of the opposite. A war zone,
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The Battle At Home

Assalamu `alaykum wa rahmatoLlahi wa barakatuhu!Nour-domestic violence is pleased and thrilled to bring you our very first event of the year: a unique seminar that we are confident will not leave you disappointed! Read on for more information with
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