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Nour Bucket Collection (January 2012)

In the last three weeks, Nour hit the tube stations and made public appeals for not only donations, but also support. All in all, was a great success Alhamdulillah.

We were privileged to encounter and speak to many people from different walks of life, from those who had been victims of domestic violence, to those who work in the field of domestic violence. We even came across a few who we were able to educate about the fact domestic violence is very much prevalent, and still stands as a societal taboo. We were also able to highlight an even more silent aspect of domestic violence, which is the very fact that men too can suffer from domestic violence.

One incident that had motivated us to continue with what we are doing was a lady who had just come out of a home where she had been abused. She was very fragile and her face expressed deep wounds. She was with her caseworker, who was asking us about the work we do and the lady said, ‘I do not have enough money but I would like to donate, I have to save for my daughter.’ Domestic violence is not only where the spouse is affected, it is the whole family who carry the scars, wounds and memories.

As always, not only did we encounter positive, uplifting moments; we also were faced with difficulties – which were great reminders that Nour is needed in our community. We had many brothers who approached us with very negative comments, telling us what we are doing is wrong (inclusive of a few name-calling) and that domestic abuse does not exist in the Ummah. This re-ignited our passion to raise awareness of this crime, as we still have many people today with this very perception. We’ve also had non-Muslims telling us that it’s such an irony that Muslims are speaking out against domestic violence, as they believe Islam advocates abuse. Again, this just highlights the perceptions many people are holding, which needs to be tackled.

This did not put us off, rather it has re-fulled our passion. It shows us that it is not only non-Muslims who are ignorant of what Islam teaches, but Muslims too! Together, we can definitely make a difference. Together, we have the strength and power to abolish this heinous, hidden crime of domestic violence. Unfortunately, many of our supporters are female, and we appeal to the men of our society to come forward and support Nour.

JazakumAllahu khairan to all the beautiful people who contributed to the bucket collection that took place in the last three weeks. May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala reward those who donated and those who volunteered in abundance. Please make du’aa He instils barakah in every penny raised and we are able to maximise our efficiency in helping those who are in dire need.

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