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Give Domestic Abuse the Red Card this #WorldCup  #TUNENG

If you or someone you know are at risk, please contact the emergency services. Give Domestic Abuse the Red Card this #WorldCup ? #TUNENG   
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Interview with a DV Lawyer

Tahera Patel (Solicitor & Mediator) Copper Stone Solicitors How often do you see clients suffering from dv who need legal advice? Almost, on a daily basis. Statistics shows that around 1.9 million between the ages of 16 to 59 years experienced do
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Hayes Muslim Center – Domestic Abuse Workshop

#MyMosqueCares is a new initiative to get our mosques and community leaders involved in helping victims of abuse, by equipping them with the right tools and knowledge we aim to be able to work together to help those who turn to us. Du’aa reque

Broken and Blackmailed – Part 1

Throughout the earliest years of my childhood and youth I remember myself as a happy go lucky individual, but as I grew up in to my teens/youth this is what I portrayed myself to be to the rest of the outside world, zipping in my innermost emotion’
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Married But Single …

I am heartbroken as I write this and I feel that the situation is becoming clear to me that I cannot live like this anymore. I read your posts and cry so much as they resonate with me. Below is my story please could you share it on your page. I feel
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Strength Against All Expectations

My story started when I got married to the man I thought would make my life better. I knew he had flaws, but as I’m a very easy going person raised to respect your husband and basically listen to and respect everyone older than you are. I spons
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Domestic Abuse and the Muslim Community – One Day Seminar

Attend the upcoming seminar delivered by Khalida Haque (a leading counselling psychotherapist) and get an insight in to Domestic Abuse. When: Saturday 21st October Time: 10am-5:30pm Cost: £25 (inc Meal & Notes) Ticket Link: https://www.as-suffa
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Mental Slavery …

I write my story in the hope that it sends out a message across all Asian communities that daughter in laws should be treated with the utmost love and respect. Where this is not the case and women are suffering in silence I hope my story gives you th
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Tomorrow Is Too Late

Tomorrow Is Too Late I remember a few ramadhans ago, how time seems to accelerate each time, I promised myself I would try and read a few more rakats taraweeh next year, that I would try and spend more time in thikr, that I would give more to chariti
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