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Domestic violence.

666 women dead, how many more?

In recent news Turkey has revealed the death toll of 666 women till date being killed due to domestic violence, between the years of 2009 and 2012. The interior Ministry have concluded the result of these women’s death is not entirely their husband
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Victims of Government Policy

The latest government stunt, formally known as the bedroom tax has lead a victim of domestic violence to come to terms with losing her council home in East Midlands. She has been residing in the three-bedroom property for 25 years with her son, her c
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Feeling Like a Victim

In an earlier post, I wrote about the vulnerability of highly sensitive people to negative types of people, like narcissists. Because of their compassionate and empathetic nature, many HSPs unwittingly attract people who will use the HSP for their
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Tafseer Surah 4:34 – Does Islam really allow wife beating?

Perhaps the most commonly misquoted and misunderstood verse of the Holy Qu’ran is Surah 4:34. Many muslims and non-muslim misinterpretate this verse. In this article we shall study the meaning of this verse by explaining the crucial arabic word
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Saudi Arabia Issues First Anti-Domestic Abuse Advert For Women & Children

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued its first anti-domestic abuse advert. The advert features a hijab-clad woman – with just her eyes visible through the slits in her veil – one of which is blackened and bloodshot.
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Nour Responds to Panorama’s Secrets of Britain’s Sharia Councils

The BBC, through secret filming, has found that Shari'ah courts are not helping women in domestic violent situations. The Telegraph states: "85 councils operating in mosques and houses across the country has revealed that the courts, which are run b
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DV (Life – Share Your Story) | Part 2

Then I remember. The pain starts rushing back in. The pain of rejection. The pain of sadness. The pain of being alone. The pain of reality. Why won’t everyone understand? They tell me everything will be alright?? NO! It won’t be alright! They say
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DV (Life – Share Your Story) | Part 1

Sleep oh wondrous sleep how I welcome you. It is the time when the thoughts stop plaguing me. If I could just stay asleep. If I never had to wake up. The pain all too much too bear. The pain never goes away. I call dull it for just a little while but
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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2013 (Review)

This years Domestic Violence Awareness Week was our biggest awareness week yet. Find out how it went in our review of all the events below.
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