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Domestic violence.

Saudi Arabia Condemns Domestic Violence by Law

Alhamdulillah the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (cabinet) have now decided to make a ban on domestic violence and other forms of abuse against women. The law has come into effect for the first time which is a surprise but the social illness is becoming out
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Who Controls You? (Review)

Afshan Khan has been serving the community for 27 years in Islamic counselling and Mediation service for Muslim women. It was an honour for Nour to get hold of her as she shared her expertise in this field. The workshop proved effective through its i
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“My marriage was a sham but I did not kill my wife”

Shazia Kauser, wife of Raja Jeelani was found dead with 10 stab wounds at her home in Normanton. Mr Jeelani, 27, has been involved in other incidents in the same year, he was found guilty by the jury for conspiracy of causing GBH to Renarto Blackwood
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Sexual Violence in Fashion Editorials

I have often found myself questioning how fashion magazines sometimes feature women in compromising poses, some which I find more worrying than others. I have found and selected three images, all taken from popular magazines of models being strangled
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Nigella Reports Husband

Sunday evening, Nigella Lawson was seen spending time with her 70-year-old husband, Charles Saatchi, having a perfectly normal meal when he unexpectedly gripped her neck to choke her four times, firstly with his left hand then with both hands. The ph
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Born into the hands of a tyrant, You held me closely near your chest, Enveloped me with your breath, As I listened to the sound of your heart Beat Beat Me, And, that is where it all began.
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Imams Against Domestic Abuse

Salaam aleykum readers It is always humbling when Nour is supported by other organisations in helping us to reach our goals and to give us a reassuring confidence that we will insha’Allah grow bigger and better to help those who are suffering from
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