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Domestic violence.

DVAW14 Review

DVAW14 Alhamduilllah another year and another Domestic Violence awareness week nipped in the bud. Each year we are progressing and spreading more awareness. Monday Voices for the Voiceless We kick started the week of with a video uniting influential
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Celebrating International Women’s day

  In celebration of International women’s day, Nour would like to honor four outstanding Muslim women who have worked tirelessly in their respective fields for the betterment of others around them. We find peace in the notion that such selfles

Broken Child

Broken Child As part of Domestic violence awareness week 2014 Saturday 22nd March 2014 1pm – 5pm Join us for an informative seminar on child abuse. Discussing in depth what child abuse is, how it effects our children and the Islamic stance of u
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Quote It!

“Quote It!” 24th Feb – 2nd March 2014 Competition time! It’s time for you to shine your NOUR! Take a stand against Domestic violence. Against oppression and abuse. Spread the word. Domestic Violence must end! How can you shine? Ho

Halaqah Sessions

Nour, Newham Islamic Learning & Research Centre and Sukoon proudly present: FREE including counselling sessions! Nour, Newham      
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Hurting all over

  ‘Contrary to what critics of Islam may say, domestic violence is not permitted in Islam. In Nour’s domestic violence booklet, their Islamic advisors and consultant shuyookh explain the ‘misunderstood verse’ “… a

Stolen innocence

Echos of my cries still linger deep inside. A reflection of a small child greets me every night as i stare into the mirrors of my own life. Bruises may have healed but the wounds that scar my heart always seem to bleed. His hands that once protected
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Does Domestic Violence have a cure?

Does Domestic Violence have a cure? A recent article in The Mirror relayed the accounts of four men, all of whom fall under that sprawling umbrella term ‘Domestic abuser’. The question posed was whether these men could, in time, be ‘cured’ of
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Silently crying

Silently crying, This pain is so strong.. What did I do wrong? There’s not a day I don’t go without trying. Taking my medication and resting is not all i do. Some days I get up n run too. Thinking… Five years ago what I went through
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