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Domestic violence.

Get to know Nour

Get to know Nour   We get asked one question often & regularly. Who founded Nour? Why was this initiative taken? And how did you manage to establish a charity?   The truth is, each time we are asked those same questions we forget how fa
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Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2016

Domestic Violence Awareness Week 2016     Monday 28th March #ItsMyRight campaign There are so many angles from which we can consider the rights of ourselves but also the rights owe to others. Sometimes we become fixated on such one linear v
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Advice to Fathers and Guardians – A Silent Cry.

Whilst we the guardians are busying ourselves carving out our personal lives, happily meeting our needs and planning for our own personal objectives, we often forget those whom Allah has placed under our authority, those that are a part of our lives,
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He Abused My Trust

I was new to Islam, I did not know how to pray, let alone having a wali and meetings etc, so when he asked me to marry him I was so happy, after all coming from a unislamic background I was so happy that I had found someone who wanted to marry me and
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Stress & Depression, an Islamic Perception

Download here: Stress & Depression, an Islamic perception    
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Enough! A web of lies. A mesh of treachery. A snare of shams. Egocentric. Guilt blaming. Gas lighting. Stone walling. Narcissist. Separated. Now divorced. Still you control. Drama. http://nour-dv.org.uk/wp-admin/post-new.php# Bored? Jaded? Scared I m
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Enthusiastically administrate ubiquitous

Competently leverage other’s high standards in customer service after superior web-readiness. Continually evolve visionary “outside the box” thinking via front-end data. Credibly matrix interactive process improvements through best-
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Sugar Dust

Sugar Dust   Powered by Eventbrite   Join Nour for a tea party with a twist. Relax in our Moroccan – themed soirée. Enlighten the mind with our inspiring workshops. Browse through our collection of stalls and indulge in delicious, mo
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A Wali of Mine

A wali of Mine It was a test I know, specifically designed for me. Whilst the physical pain of bruises have long gone with only scars remaining, the emotional pain still exists. It’s still an open wound. It is raw. Sensitive to touch. Often times I
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