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Imams Against Domestic Abuse

Salaam aleykum readers

It is always humbling when Nour is supported by other organisations in helping us to reach our goals and to give us a reassuring confidence that we will insha’Allah grow bigger and better to help those who are suffering from domestic violence. We have always stressed the importance of our Imaams leading any initiative related to preventing and educating communities about DV, so that it may be successful. Our Imaams are our pillars, and on those pillars can we build and generate our strength. We are so excited to tell you that Imams Against Domestic Abuse (IADA) have given us this new found strength, and we hope to be theirs too insha’Allah.

IADA have only recently formed, led by Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha after the deeply unsettling tragedy of the case of solicitor Mohammed Rahman, who beat his wife, Jasmin Chowdhury, to death after years of violence. Rahman, who worked at the Tower Hamlets Law Centre, was later convicted and jailed for life in November 2012 for this murder. Though this will never suffice for the loss of a daughter, a sister, a friend, we can pledge our support to stop DV, to ensure no person should have to ever endure any type of violence. Together, IADA and Nour pledge our support.

“I’m married, I have three sisters, and I find it very difficult to come to terms with any man who thinks it’s OK to abuse a woman.”
Shaykh Shams Ad-Duha


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